Rodríguez, 6th in the arrival of the mountain in El Porvenir

The first ascents did not mean differences between the favorites, who were played in a sprint up the victory. Anders Johannessen victory.

Today, the Tour del Porvenir made its first contact with mountainous terrain with a stage that was born marked by the suspension of the second planned pass to the Cote de la Combe du Luc. Therefore, this sixth partial has been reduced both in mileage, only 111 kilometers, and in hardness and this has led to a day that has not allowed us to begin to elucidate who will definitely be the names that will fight for the general.The victory was decided in a sprint uphill among the 40 cyclists who have resisted in the peloton, where the Norwegian brothers Johannessen have proven themselves as the strongest. The victory went to Anders, with his twin Tobias in second position, while Britain's Thomas Goagl finished third.

The Spanish National Team, for its part, has assumed stripes and has offered a formidable attitude on the occasion of the arrival of the terrain most conducive to its interests. Raúl García Pierna and Javier Romo have taken command of the peloton, with Carlos Rodríguez at his wheel, at the moment in which the race has taken them to the Cote de la Combe. His work has left only 40 cyclists in the leading group and has significantly approximated the escape.

Verchier, Miles, Raugel, Stehli and Vinokourov have been the five brave who have starred in the day's getaway, which has come to have 5 minutes of rent and has finally been caught with about 10 kilometers remaining. In the resolution, which was presented in ascending terrain, the leader Van Dijke tried to seek victory, but was surprised by the Johanneseen brothers, who have given a new victory to Norway after the two obtained by Waerenskjold -retired due to a fall- in the first two days.

Carlos Rodríguez has been in the final fight for the stage and despite hesitating at the time of launching the finish and seeing himself somewhat locked in, he has achieved a good sixth final position. “It was the first stage with relative hardness and the feelings of the whole team have been quite good. Yes, it is true that perhaps some slope has been lacking to do more damage, but the important thing is that the legs have responded well to us ”, explained the Almuñecar cyclist at the finish line, adding that“ the work we have done was intended to toughen the stage and we also preferred to be in the lead to avoid all the tension there was from the fight for position from behind. As for the resolution, I had good legs, but I did not know exactly if I could dispute the victory and perhaps I was a conservative. But in the end the important thing is that I have still been ahead and that they have not taken time ”.

In the peloton, with the same time as the winner, Javier Romo and Raúl García Pierna have also entered; While Igor Arrieta, who has reserved strength to try to use in favor of his teammates in the decisive stages that still await, has finished just over 13 minutes. Tomorrow, the Tour del Porvenir will face its first high finish with the arrival at the Grand Colombiere, which will be the only port of a stage that will have 98 kilometers and that will surely begin to allow a glimpse of which cyclists will be the ones who will opt for the final triumph. .

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