Rey Manaj's five offers

Barça manages several proposals from the forward, who had a great preseason season but has no place in a squad with Ansu, Agüero and Braithwaite.


Barça is currently handling five offers for Rey Manaj, a 24-year-old Albanian striker who has played a good preseason in which he has scored five goals in just 90 minutes of play but who is forced by overbooking of strikers to find a place. At his age, Barça B, in which he also had a great season finale, is no longer his habitat and he will have to fly.

Cagliari, Rayo, Fenerbahce, Anderlecht and Freiburg are the five teams that, with more or less insistence, have taken an interest in Rey Manaj. Italians are the last to knock on his door after Cádiz's interest faded days ago. Now it is a question of Barça getting as much money as possible from a player who has a market value of 700,000 euros, but some specific striker characteristics that give him options in the market. The Albanian has a contract until 2023.

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