Reunion at the summit: Rajon Rondo returns to the Lakers

Rondo and the Grizzlies reach an agreement for the buyout and the point guard is free to return to the Lakers. It was key in the achievement of the Los Angeles ring of 2020.


The movie is the same as then, but two chapters late. The Lakers reunite a team of old glories with a desire for redemption, but already redeemed; and they are desperately looking for a new title that elevates them to that Olympus they already occupy, but this time alone, without sharing that honor with the Celtics or any other franchise. From that ring, that of 2020, LeBron and Davis resist, almost the last two strongholds of a project from which Kuzma, KCP, Bradley, Caruso have left ... And the exits of the entire young litter that allowed them to run without shame and resist without fatigue, they have been compensated with old and tired legs, players of dubious reputation and a (very) veteran squad that generates an uncertainty that nothing and no one is able to alleviate. And with a clear mantra: until they are seen, predictions are impossible.Yes, there are two other players who left the team after the 2020 ring, but they have responded with pleasure to the call that the Lakers have made: Dwight Howard and Rajon Rondo. The pivot, after passing through the Sixers, has reached the team where his decline began, back in 2013, and in which he achieved redemption, accepting another role that is more than clear now and that has exploded with good minutes in Philadelphia . The point guard, for his part, returns after a year in which he has gone unnoticed but in which he has landed in the Western finals after going through the Hawks and being traded to the Clippers in the middle of the year. With which, it must be said, it has not been as decisive as in the past. Now here near. After the season, he was traded to the Grizzlies with Patrick Beverley, but reached a buyout agreement with the Memphis entity, which made it easy and did not want to stretch the gum to try to get something for him. Perhaps, with the memory of Andre Iguodala still hovering over the franchise.

Rondo returns to the team for which he was key in 2020, with which he became the second player in history to win a ring with the Celtics (in 2008, precisely against the Lakers) and with the eternal rival, after Clyde Lovellette. That course, the base began accompanied by a horde of criticism that had damaged its reputation. It was increasingly difficult to see the player who had been an incredible shock in Boston and then had gradually diluted, with some bursts of brilliance (Kings and, above all, Pelicans), but little contribution, especially in his first season with Los Angeles. , the 2018-19. However, after arriving late to the Orlando bubble due to injury, Rondo became that third player that the Lakers needed and returned to be the same as before, the same as always, the Playoff Rondo who has earned that nickname with all deserves.

The Lakers do not expect, with this signing, a player who will solve all their problems. But maybe, just maybe, we can see that player again who in 2020, against the Rockets, went to 21 points, 5 rebounds and 9 assists and resolved the last quarter with 12 points and 5 passes to the basket. The one who had an illogically good level throughout the final phase and made Twitter explode for his work and grace, with a multitude of analysts and journalists who had criticized him throughout the regular season, praising him publicly. There you can see Rondo, a man who left for the Hawks in November 2020, has collected 15 million dollars, and has returned to the Lakers in August 2021 with an impasse that has filled his pockets with money.

The Lakers currently have three of the best passers of all time: LeBron James (8th), Russell Westbrook (12th) and Rajon Rondo (14th). The brand new signing, a man who already knows Frank Vogel and understands and assumes the inner workings of the franchise. Rondo will be able to give the team quality minutes in the regular season, but his performance in recent years casts doubt on this aspect. It will be in the final phase where, perhaps, I cut quality minutes from a man who fails on those dates like Westbrook, and knows how to empathize with LeBron and Davis as he did in 2020. Another veteran (35 years), some doubts, a questioning of his work ethic that he has modified at key moments in his sporting career and a reverential fear of his rivals that, suddenly and at the moment of truth, he will appear again. This is Rajon Rondo: a player with a lot of past, a superlative intelligence. And, above all, one unknown.

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