Real Valladolid will solve a whole summer market in 10 days

At least seven players must leave to be able to register all the available footballers and if he wants to sign he should leave the club some more.


In the Real Valladolid offices, both in Zorrilla and Madrid, there is no longer the tranquility that has come off in recent weeks. The market ends on August 31 and those phrases of "much to go", "the window has been opened on July 1" or "you have to be patient and do not rush" have passed away. To this day, the Blanquivioleta team has one of the three best squads in Second and anyone would sign to reach September 1 with it, but in addition to not being able to be, it is impossible. The club still has 33 players and has yet to release at least eight, although El Hacen, who will leave the club until 2022, will remain at the club, without a record. It is the moment of Fran Sánchez, sports director and head of the squad because Paulo André still does not appear, and of Matt Fenaert, CEO of the club.The first of the issues to be resolved will not be that of Marcos André, but the transfer of Caro to Burgos. The intention of the club all summer has been for Roberto, Masip or even both of them to leave, but there have not been enough interesting offers either for the goals, or for the club, so both will continue under Pacheta's orders and will be the goal. Andalusian who comes out. The Catalan goalkeeper was close to Granada, Barça was interested in a possible return, at zero cost, and some more First-class club had him on their agenda, but it does not seem that any offer will bear fruit.

As for Marcos André, all parties acknowledge that the agreement is closer than a week ago, but it has not been closed or signed. Valencia seems to close at eight million, I would be willing to discuss some of the variables, and Real Valladolid is still waiting. The Brazilian did not play on Friday, he himself dismissed himself, in the conviction that the business with the Mestalla club is close to closing. However, negotiations continue between the parties and the Valencian club still has to resolve the departure of Kang-Inn-Lee because he is a foreigner and at this time the Valencians have three, so the Pucela tip could not be registered. In addition, it must be remembered that Peter Lim is not very fond of large disbursements, nor does he agree with any negotiations of his own club and all of them need his approval. It must be remembered that several operations of the club were ruined by his rejection. The most famous was the frustrated transfer of Rodrigo to Atlético de Madrid. We have to wait, but this transfer would completely change the negotiating landscape of Real Valladolid.

The affairs of Guardiola and Orellana are entrenched, but they only have one solution: the departure of both from the entity. The interest in the striker of some First-class clubs has not been resolved, while the Chilean is in a waiting period to decide which club in his country he goes to, while waiting for a call from a team in Europe. The cases of Víctor, Roberto Corral, Moi or Sergio Benito will also be resolved this week. They do not count for Pacheta, a priori, but they do not finish finding accommodation and in Zorrilla it is not ruled out that they have to be finalized. A different case is that of Anuar. The player stated that the club has indicated that they have him, but the truth is that he has not been registered yet.

In addition to Marcos André, other players on the squad have clubs behind them. The club values the sale of El Yamiq as it has some offers for the Moroccan central defender, although not yet attractive enough, while Olaza has not managed to get any club to make a purchase offer for him and Real Valladolid continues to reject all requests loan, including the Turkish Besiktas, Champions team, which includes a mandatory purchase option. The Pucelano club wants the money now, now that it is in Second, not in the future. All of that today. It's not the Shon Weissman situation. The Israeli is very committed to the Real Valladolid project, he has not received great offers either, despite the fact that in the last hours "Pucelafichajes" has echoed information from the "Home du Match" website in which it was reported that that Sporting de Portugal would be interested in him. The idea of the forward, who shares a representation agency with Pacheta, is to continue in Zorrilla.

As for arrivals, the unknowns are even greater. Without knowing how much money it could have and with more players than free chips, the club works to make quick operations in these 10 days. The Desmarque in Valladolid reported days ago that the agreement with the Valladolid Ivan Alejo is practically closed, but as long as there are no exits it seems difficult for a footballer to arrive. The truth is that August 22, Real Valladolid has 33 players and has not made signings so it will solve the entire summer market in 10 days.

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