Rahm and Sergio García walk hand in hand in the BMW

The Biscayan, -3 on the day, and the Castellón, -5, were placed with -17 to five strokes of the new leader, the American Cantlay. This Sunday they will have options.


Jon Rahm and Sergio García. Sergio García and Jon Rahm. The wet dream of the Spanish golf fan, to see the last two national popes of this sport, a major per head, fighting together to win a tournament, gradually becomes meat at the Caves Valley Golf Course in Maryland (USA). ). The Biscayan and Castellón continued on the right path yesterday in the third round of the BMW Championship, which had to be spliced with some pending holes in the second, which was suspended on Friday due to bad weather.

A decent -2 to -16 signed Rahmbo; until -5 to -17 Garcia left. The first, more in roller coaster mode, with three birdies in the first four before a bogey at 6, another three birdies from 7 to 12 and bogeys in a row at 13, 14 and 18. This time it was more difficult to channel the emotions when he began to err and those failures deprived him of a privileged position.

Sergio, on the other hand, was a greased diesel machine: four birdies for a bogey in the first half of the field and two birdies without failures in the second. Sober, showing confidence with his fardonas mirror glasses, he left some of his classic darts to the flag on a wonderful afternoon from tee to green.

The Spanish society, in this state of form, a gold mine for the European Ryder team that will be closed shortly if García ends up getting a place (Padraig Harrington's invitation to a man of his background in this competition seems certain), will face the final return to four and five strokes of the Americans Cantlay and DeChambeau. These, who are surely part of the opposite side in the biennial, march in -21.

DeChambeau, who on Friday touched a sub 60 round and reached 30 holes without bogeys with twenty under par between the first day and this Saturday, finally went down to earth with two balls in the water on the 12th and 13th. Cantlay's pitiful bogey in the last segment of the day allowed him to reach Sunday looking in the rear-view mirror, with no rivals on his horizon.Check here the complete tournament classification.

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