Quartararo: "I've been lucky not to get seriously injured"

"I have a sprain, but it hurts just walking. When I'm on the bike I don't really feel the pain and that's the most important thing," says the leader.


Flaw in FP2, with a visible posterior limp that forced him to go through the circuit clinic, and a better time on the first day of the MotoGP British GP for Fabio Quartararo.

-How are you feeling after the fall?

-I sprained my ankle, but now it's fine. I have a sprain, but it hurts just when walking. When I'm on the bike I don't really feel the pain and that's the most important thing. The crash was due to the hard rear tire, which was a total disaster in these conditions. After checking that I was okay, the important thing was to do quality laps on the medium tire and from the start I felt fast.

-Márquez's fall has been dangerous. What are the most dangerous curves of the World Cup?

-The point where Márquez crashed today was a very fast place and you have already seen how far the bike has come after the crash. This is a dangerous spot for Silverstone, but luckily in the championship there are few corners like this. There is Red Bull Ring, which has to be changed in the future. Perhaps the Aragon Corkscrew… I don't think there are many tracks in the World Championship with dangerous curves.

-You have released the bike quickly, if it could not have been a great highside ...

-I think I dropped the bike at the right time, because otherwise it would have been a highside and it would have been even more painful. So yeah, it could have been worse. After watching the fall, I have been very lucky that I did not have a serious injury. But it is part of the game. I was not riding at the limit far from it, it was from using the hard tire in these conditions. I feel good for tomorrow and I hope to have a normal weekend, trying to improve the performance of the bike a little more.

-Why did you immediately return to the box instead of going to the medical center?

-To be honest, I think it was positive to go back to the box immediately because I didn't have time to rest. I fell down, got back on the bike, the stewards helped me with whatever I needed. I went back to the box, I changed, I went back to the track with the bike… everything was very fast and I practically did not have time to realize that I had fallen. The most positive thing is that I went back to riding fast and I finished very happy with my result in the FP2.

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