Puig's anger had an effect on Pol Espargaró at Silverstone

The Honda rider turned his team manager's quarrel into motivation: he signed his best weekend at the brand with a pole and a fifth.


After the stick of the last race in Austria, now Alberto Puig applauds the great performance of Pol Espargaró. The Honda team manager gave this past weekend at Silverstone a row that the Granollers rider confessed on Saturday, after getting the first pole for the brand so far this season. A fight that Espargaró understood, while giving him enough motivation to unleash his best potential and show that the race in Great Britain is "a very important turning point" .

"I think it has taken a huge step compared to what it has been doing so far throughout 2021", said Puig happily, after a few days of competition where the Honda has once again had its appearance among the most competitive motorcycles Of the grill. Something that has not happened for a long time, either because of Marc Márquez's injury or because of Pol's lack of adaptation to the RC213V. "He is a rider who can be in these positions," added the team manager of the Japanese structure, who continues to believe in the potential of the '44', which he has brought out these days at Silverstone. "He deserved this result," he added.

Despite the fact that, he indicates, Pol "aspired to the podium in the race", he confesses that this was not the main objective of the team for the race. The Spaniard still has work ahead of him and, therefore, the most important thing was "to take a step and go back to his old way." In other words, the rider who managed to take KTM to the top, starting with a project that seemed blank. "His goal was to have a good race and get stronger, we were not looking for the podium," adds Puig, satisfied with the fifth place for the Spaniard and happy that he has shown "the reason why we asked him to join HRC" .

Marquez got the worst of it

Like every good racing weekend, among the positives, there are also the negatives. And, it is true, that in the case of Silverstone, the balance of the positive wins for Honda. They have felt more competitive than in the whole season, competitive in all the sessions of the weekend, but they have not been able to finish it with a podium. In part, due to the crash of Marc Márquez in the first corner, when he took Jorge Martín. "Marc miscalculated the overtaking with Martín, it was not his intention," says Puig after the weekend about an action that he considers "a shame" because Márquez was there to "fight for the podium, maybe not for victory, but sure than for the podium ".

But something positive comes out of everything. And, in this case, Marc's physical limitations have been in the background, even on the longest track in the world. "We have seen Márquez stronger in the last rounds," admits the former driver, already thinking about the next appointment, in Aragon, where Honda "has achieved good results." Of course, the situation in 2021 would not be the same and they only hope that Márquez continues trying to "reach his maximum potential" while Pol Espargaró confirms "his progress" .

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