Pucela approved and suspended: Roberto stops and Mesa sends

The goalkeeper was decisive for Real Valladolid by stopping a penalty committed by the midfielder, which confirms his good start to the season.


Real Valladolid achieved its second victory of the course after knocking down the wall of a Lugo that it had never beaten in the Anxo Carro. For a moment, Pacheta's team could twist their nose due to the red seen by Weissman and the maximum penalty indicated to Roque Mesa, although he remained firm and took three of those points that are remembered so much at the end of a season .

Roberto: He stopped the penalty charged to Roque Mesa very well, which sustained Real Valladolid in its worst moments and cemented the victory. Normally very attentive, although on some shy occasion he seemed not to understand the rear.

Joaquín: He packed the rear against uncomfortable forwards like Joselu and Manu Barreiro and was almost insurmountable in the duels. On the other hand, with the ball he was quite far from his best version.

Kiko Olivas: He was substituted at halftime by El Yamiq after a correct first half. He was comfortable accompanied by the other two centrals.

Javi Sánchez: He saw the yellow for an action on the lime line in which he went to the ground. Like Joaquín, he helped dominate the area, winning the three aerial balls that he played, and he was also better when the team needed his contribution with possession.

Janko: Perhaps the worst headline. As happened to Olaza, he did not give too much depth to the team, but he was also a bit lacking behind; without being overwhelmed with excessive clarity, although without ending leaving great sensations either.

Roque Mesa: He offered a great assist to Weissman with a long pass to where the Israeli launched the uncheck. He stole several good balls and had a presence in the opposite field, reinforced by the presence of Alcaraz.

Alcaraz: He entered the eleven to solidify what was more liquid in the Zaragoza game, and it went well. In the first half he was flawless with the ball, although at times he seemed messy. He was able to crown it with a goal.

Olaza: Definitely, it is not being his best start to the season, because he did not do it badly, or not with noise or continuity, but when Gerard Valentín entered he had some trouble, as in previous meetings. He did not participate much upstairs.

Óscar Plano: A bit off, he did not get to participate too much, although it is true that when he did, on the occasion of the goal that would ultimately be the sentence, he did it well, first, looking for Toni Villa.

Toni Villa: He contemplated wonderfully before serving the ball that Roque Mesa turned into a delicious assist. He danced to the defense on the second goal, favored by a rebound on a defender. He struggled, although it did not always shine.

Weissman: One touch was enough to send it to the net and score its first goal of the season. He saw an expulsion, at least rigorous, after an action in the band to which he was late.

El Yamiq: His was the steal of Toni Villa's goal, an action in which he also came out quickly to accompany him in attacking positions, something he did again at the end. He had a good performance, winning the 'fight' he had with Barreiro.

Cristo González: He did not see El Yamiq in a two for two that ended in superiority; however, he displayed some of his credentials by going down to receive and transit. In the play of the disallowed goal, he defined very focused.

Fede San Emeterio: He refreshed the center of the field and stepped on Signé in the action that could lead to the 0-3. Much sacrifice, little thing with the ball.

Anuar: He reappeared as a Blanquivioleta after two assignments and did so as a right-winger. As is usual for him, and Pacheta appreciates, he is pure nerve. He did not stop running.

Aguado: It was barely on the tapestry.

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