PSG threatens Madrid and Barça

His arrival in Paris can be a new point in the current virtual ecosystem of Europe's greats. PSG becomes 'Galactic' on social networks.


It is being the news of the year. Or the decade. Or of the century. Give it the adjective you prefer, something that you will surely do based on your soccer affiliations and phobias. But what is unquestionable is that, in the field of social networks, the signing of Leo Messi by PSG is being a real earthquake and represents a point and apart in the virtual ecosystem of Europe's greats, where, you already know We could say that a constant 'Club World Cup' is held with the follower's 'follow' or 'like' as the title to be won 24 hours a day.

And as is to be expected, at the same time that Paris Saint-Germain has perpetrated a real punch on the continental football table with the hiring of the Argentine, it has also given it on social networks, where the growth of the different accounts of the French entity is being brutal, constant and exponential in the last hours.The 'claw' of PSG on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok ...

Looking back briefly, we find two key dates in this entire story that has not yet ended: last Thursday, August 5, Barça announced that Messi would not continue at the club after 21 seasons. Just a few hours later, on Friday the 6th, Joan Laporta appears before the media to explain to the world the reasons that have prevented the love story between the albiceleste and the club of his life from continuing. These two milestones serve to take off the PSG accounts on social networks in an incredible way: in the last five days alone, their Facebook account has grown more than 630,000 followers (this Tuesday, the date on which the signing was confirmed, the more than 320,000) and Instagram does it even more: 2.19 million more followers between last August 5, and more than a million this Tuesday alone.

The rest of Paris Saint-Germain's social accounts have not been unrelated to the Messi phenomenon: on Twitter, his account in Spanish (@PSG_espanol) has already exceeded half a million fans; on TikTok there are already more than 13 million. Only the video that the club has shared to announce the signing already exceeds 13 million views and is close to 5 million reactions on Instagram ... 444 444Messi, the 'Influencer'

The footballer's social networks also benefit, of course, from his change of scenery. On Facebook, in the last five days Messi has gained more than 280,000 fans, when in the first five of August it barely grew by 85,000; On Instagram the figures are dizzying: more than 4 million new fans between August 5 and 10, when the increase in the first five days of the month was less than two million. There is no doubt that he is the player and the public figure of the moment.But, what about Barça? If not the opposite. And it has its logic. The news of his departure caused a foreseeable increase in interest in the Barça club among users, although not for the reasons that the culé parish would have liked, of course: Barcelona gained 285,000 followers on Facebook from August 5 until this Tuesday ( their average between January 1 and August 1, 2021 there was 323,000 more followers each month). And as for Instagram, it added 482,000 followers in the last five days, with an average of 843,000 more followers in the first eight months of the year. For better or for worse, Barça has been, is and will be in the media and social focus on this issue for quite some time yet and the consequences of Messi's loss in this field will have to be analyzed in a few weeks.The reputation of Laporta and Barça falls; The one of the PSG rises

But, apart from rises, falls and figures here and there, what is specifically talked about on social networks? How have the fans of the whole world taken the change of air of Leo Messi? If we take a look at the data from Brandwatch, a tool capable of measuring the feelings of social media users around a viral or recurring theme, negative opinions about Joan Laporta or Barça have multiplied in recent days. Always above the positive and / or neutral comments, the most uncomfortable peak for the Barça president took place on August 6, the day on which he showed his face to tell Barcelona that Leo would not continue as Barça. At that time, the 81,500 negative mentions were exceeded on social networks. Those who cited Barça negatively that same day exceeded the figure of 171,000. PSG, on the other hand, increases its positive reputation this Tuesday with more than 66,000 mentions in green. Leo Messi himself, for his part, remains stable in terms of the opinion of users on social networks, always more positive than negative.The 'Top 5' of clubs with the most fans on social networks is surely going to be the viral phenomenon that has led to the signing of Messi by PSG, and will end up slowing down as the weeks go by, but it will be very interesting to analyze how it will affect the ranking of most followed clubs on social networks in the near future, which we reviewed some time ago and which is still dominated by the two greats of our football. And, in absolute terms, only in the last five days PSG has grown more than 28% compared to the total for the year on Facebook and more than 32% compared to its annual ratio on Instagram, according to data from CrowdTangle. If the growth figures of Parisians continue as in recent days, they would exceed 160 million fans only on Facebook and Instagram by the end of 2021, which would make them directly enter the Top 5 of entities with the most followers. Brutal.

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