Priced by Renato Sanches

Lille has it on its transfer list, according to L'Equipe, but it would only transfer them for an offer of 35 million. Barcelona was interested in a loan.


Renato Sanches will not perform today in the final of the French Super Cup against PSG. Lille has communicated that it is touched and that it has nothing to do with a possible exit. However, L'Equipe explains that his name is a hot one on the market. He is one of the players Lille would like to sell to this summer, but has set a minimum selling price. Renato Sanches is transferable, but for an amount not less than 35 million.

Arsenal, Liverpool and Barcelona have already asked. The Catalan club was interested, but it did so under the formula of a loan. Renato comes from doing a great European Championship with Portugal. The big dates with his national team are good for him and he has once again attracted the attention of many clubs. Arsenal and Liverpool are his options in the Premier, reportedly. There has also been speculation about PSG's interest, but the French club seems to focus more on trying to get Pogba to that position.

Renato awaits news. Today he will not even be on the bench against PSG. Lille is playing the first title of the season, but the Portuguese suffers from muscle problems. Renato was a fundamental piece in Galtier's scheme last season and in Lille he has the option of playing the Champions League this year, but the call of powerful clubs seduces him.

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