Praise and worst of luck

The defender played well, but was visited by bad luck in one of Levante's goals. Without Kroos or Modric, Isco took control of the midfield setting a great first half.


Courtois: the Belgian, who is what he almost never fails, gave the feeling that he could do something more on the first goal. Roger shoots high, but not too hard. He does not put his hand as hard as the action requested and the ball ends up going in. A tie that changed the game. Since November 8, 2020, he has not conceded three or more goals (4-1 against Valencia), although he could do nothing in the last two.

Lucas Vázquez: Levante's attacks were normally by his band, and he suffered. Especially in the second half, in which he ended up being substituted in the 65th minute. In the opponent's first goal, he does not follow Roger and gets hooked, breaking the offside. In the second, he could do little (they left him two against one). The Galician is still a converted extreme and in encounters in which there is a great offensive flow through his band, he has a bad time.

Militao: the Brazilian has not started the season well. Two errors in two games that cost two goals. First it was in Mendizorroza and this time, he does not come out strong enough to cross with Morales, who wins the duel and from that play the equalizer is born. He must react if he does not want to generate doubts for Ancelotti, who has Alaba for his position.

Nacho: defensively, the youth squad has no replacement in this team. He shows confidence in all his actions, always attentive to correct, but also to anticipate the opponent's actions. In the second half he had a worse time, like the rest of the team, but he was able to get his teammates out of the back when it was worst. By level, it is gaining to be on Luis Enrique's list next Thursday.

Alaba: he was setting a perfect match, being key in Madrid's first goal and giving rhythm and speed to the game both in attack and defense. However, he began to suffer during the start of the second half and ended up having the worst of luck in the third home goal, in which the ball bounced off his head inadvertently and enabled Robert Pier to score. With all this, in a few months he has become a fundamental footballer.

Casemiro: the Brazilian's work is priceless. He runs everywhere, but when you need more of him in attack, he gives it. Today was very important in the exit of the ball without Kroos and Modric. He was an assistant in Madrid's second goal with a wonderful pass to Vinicius. He lacked some help in defense, but he is another of Ancelotti's irreplaceable.

Valverde: He was the one who looked the least in the center of the field. He had a hard time finding his place and couldn't help with his always dangerous driving starts. However, he replaced that influence with work: he was the player with the most recoveries with 8. This year he will play many minutes for this reason. He was substituted in the second half.

Isco: Kroos and Modric's casualties put Ancelotti in a bind. The Italian needed him to take control of the midfield and the Malaga player corresponded to his coach by setting his best game in recent years. He made 39 good passes (only one missed), completed four dribbles and recovered four balls. It was key to breaking the pressure of Levante playing and driving between the lines. He was substituted in minute 59 ', a change that a large part of the fans criticized considering that he was being the best on the field. Odegaard's departure practically closes the exit door for Madrid, but this seems to have motivated him. Now, he wants to earn a place in Carletto's eleven as he did in the first stage of the Italian.

Hazard: it's a shame that the Belgian still can't find his best version. He doesn't dare to do what he does best: face and break defenses. This is because it is slow, still far from its physical best version. He was the least successful of all the attackers. I ended up being substituted at the beginning of the second half with just one shot between the three suits.

Bale: after more than a year (January 22, 2020 against Unionistas), the Welshman saw the door again with Real Madrid. A good shot from the front to beat Aitor. During the time he was on the field, a more motivated and happy player than usual was seen when he puts on the white jersey, as happened in Mendizorroza. However, he has a long way to go to be decisive. Beyond the goal, he did not appear near the rival goal. He was substituted after the break along with Hazard and Isco.

Benzema: Benzema's bad game had to come at some point. In the majority it is decisive on the scoreboard and in many it is key in the white game. Well, against Levante neither one nor the other. Disappeared and misguided, falling offside when he did not play and without finishing on goal when it was what the team needed. If you do not have the day, it is always more difficult to win.

Asensio: you can see that the Spaniard is still in the adaptation phase to his new position. It will not be for want: he did not stop asking for it since he entered the field, and he moved on both sides, although with a predilection to the right to look for a shot. He lacks that clarity that Isco, the player he replaced, did have, but the feeling is that he can perform in that position if they give him time and confidence.

Rodrygo: they nickname him the 'Ray' and it's normal. It moves at an indecipherable speed and across the front of the attack. In addition, he always faces and shows courage in the last meters. In just over half an hour he was able to create two clear scoring chances. Of course, if he wants to go from a good footballer to a crack player, he must improve in front of the door. It has plenty of conditions to do so.

Vinicius: difficult to keep track of how many times Vinicius has shut his mouth. Immense match of a player who squeezes every minute as if it were the last. He entered revolutionized and infected a team that was sunk. Two goals: the first, with good driving on the backlash and a good definition with the bad leg; the second, a goal from the toe and without an angle to surprise the entire Ciutat de Valencia. As if that were not enough, he forced the red to Aitor in the second half. Let the BBH tremble, that Vini asks for ownership.

Carvajal: in half an hour of play, he made it clear that, if he is at 100%, Leganés has to start. Great game in which he missed the goal that Vezo snatched from him practically on the line. He did everything well, defending with his characteristic aggressiveness and joining the attack with force. He put several centers that were a poison, although his teammates did not manage to transform into a goal.

Jovic: the Serbian leaves very good technical details, but he missed the goal again. He was very close to being a hero with a header that Aitor took over the line. If you go out into the field with the hunger and intensity that you have shown in the Ciutat de Valencia, surely your dynamics will change.

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