Prado complies and clings to the head

The Spaniard used a sixth and third place in Lommel to stay in the fight for the world title, which Frenchman Febvre has signed up for.


If something is clear after the Belgian GP, it is that this Motocross World Championship does not have a clear dominator. Like Prado did last week in Loket, Romain Febvre opened his private locker in Lommel and took the Belgian GP to take second overall. However, all the applause went to Jeffrey Herlings after signing a heroic comeback and winning the first set with a fractured shoulder blade. For his part, the KTM from Lugo fulfilled the complicated test and signed a sixth and third place that keeps him in the fight for the title.

Despite starting well positioned in the opening heat, Prado crashed on the first lap and fell to 14th. He had to row from minute one and the Spaniard did so throughout the race to finish sixth ahead of Tim Gajser who also fell to the ground. Meanwhile, Febvre led a getaway after taking the holeshot and taking with him an injured Herlings who wanted to make up for lost time. Finally, the Frenchman from Kawasaki could do nothing before the Dutchman's thirst for victory, who was awarded the first round.

In the second round, Febvre repeated holeshots, but Paul Jonass snatched the first place, and shortly after it was Prado who did the same with the second. Over the course of the race, the Frenchman improved his pace and regained first place, this time, so as not to lose it. On a track as dangerous as Lommel, the Galician was limited to defending his third place, which for a moment belonged to Gajser until he hit the ground again for the second time in a row. Prado took advantage of his mistake to be third ahead of the Slovenian and his teammate Herlings.

In the overall calculation of the grand prize, the winner was Febvre after savoring the victory in the first round and achieving it in the second. The podium was completed by Herlings and Jonass, while Prado was fourth. The Spanish is in the same position in the general classification of MXGP after giving up a place to Kawasaki, who also overtakes Cairoli and puts Gajser's throne in check.

So is the World Cup

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