Possible eleven of Real Valladolid in Lugo: pending of Christ

Given the lack of strikers, Pacheta has taken the footballer signed yesterday and the big question is whether he will start with Weissman. There will be another change for sure.


Real Valladolid is looking for the first away victory in Lugo and the first in its history at the Anxo Carro this afternoon, starting at 19:30. He will do so with a team where no big surprises are expected and there are two mandatory changes: one on the right side and the other at the top of the Blanquivioleta attack.

In defense, with the injury of Luis Pérez, the coach will put Janko to train on the right side, if he plays with five or midfielder if it is a 3-4-3, although the great unknown will be in knowing who will accompany Weissman at the top of the attack since his two companions so far, Marcos André and Sekou, have left the club. There are two possibilities: that it is Christ who arrives and kisses the saint of ownership or that Toni advances his position, forcing the coach to put another player in the center of the field, which could well be San Emeterio, which would provide more balance to the team.

In this way, with arbitration by Sagués Oscoz, in AS we bet because Real Valladolid will train with Roberto; Janko, Joaquín, Kiko, Javi Sánchez and Olaza; Plano, Roque Mesa and Toni, with Weissman and Cristo at the top of the attack, although a team with Roberto is not ruled out either; Janko, Joaquín, Kiko, Javi Sánchez and Olaza; Plano, San Emeterio, Roque Mesa; Toni and Weissman.

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