Popovich: "It's the best feeling I've ever had"

The American coach, after winning gold at the Games, was overjoyed and critical of those who did not trust his team.


At the Olympics, the American basketball team delivered. And, in your case, when you talk about complying, you talk about winning the gold medal. Spain, Australia and France. They were three of the great favorites and none could stop the cast trained by Gregg Popovich. In fact, they had all been ahead of the North American team in the power rankings that FIBA produced during the tournament. The reasons, many and known. It was not a smooth road. Since before starting it. Long before. After the performance in the 2019 World Cup, it was intended to hit the table. Aires de Redeem Team. It came from the worst classification in history in an international competition and they wanted to have the best possible team, but the setbacks began to pile up. Neither LeBron James nor Anthony Davis, nor Stephen Curry or James Harden, you doubt until the last moment. And then came the problems with the coronavirus and the results of the first matches.

For all this, the final victory was far from the everyday. Of that feeling that leads to think that, simply, what everyone expected had been achieved. Because not everyone did it and because, for that very reason, pride was hurt. Popovich, on a personal level, was surely the one who most wanted victory. And, at the same time, who most needed her. His results as a coach haunted him and the data circulated at full speed. He had the worst winning percentage leading the United States than his NBA team, the San Antonio Spurs, in more than two decades. When he had the medal in his hands, he grabbed it with all his might and, already in the locker room, he released all the thoughts that he had been accumulating for a long time.

"You've been through a lot and your families have sacrificed a lot. That's why I'm so proud to be a part of this. It's like the best feeling I've ever had in basketball," explains the coach in a video shared by JaVale McGee, member of the team and recently player of Phoenix Suns, through his social networks. McGee himself, in fact, was one of the players most questioned, both because of the performance that was assumed and because of Popovich's decision to call him after the losses of Kevin Love and Bradley Beal. The words of the Suns coach, for all this, not only focus on praising his pupils, but also on pointing out all those who did not trust his success. "At first, people were talking about 'why is he on the team, should you have taken him? What happened to him, why is he there? All the experts, all these people who think they know something ... They kicked our butt. after a couple of workouts. I'd like to say to all those people, 'How the hell do you like us now?'

During the rally, rumors pointed directly to a bad relationship between Popovich and his players, who were allegedly dissatisfied with the manager's management, determined, according to reports, to transfer his style of play to the Spurs. Whether it was like this or not, finally, the result was the best possible. With a meteoric Kevin Durant claiming his third Olympic gold, the United States regained its world throne and continued its incredible streak at the Olympic events. Since the NBA players attend the meeting, only Argentina, in 2004, has been able to dethrone them. Until Paris, it will continue to do so.

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