Pavón: "We do not see the LaLiga - CVC pact as bad, but we still value it"

The president of Leganés believes that the pact "can be positive to continue growing", but admits that all the documentation is still being analyzed.

The president of Leganés, Victoria Pavón, has positively valued the agreement reached by LaLiga and the CVC investment fund by which almost 2,700 million euros will be injected in exchange for 10% of the television rights of the championship during the next 50 years. Of course, Pavón left his analysis conditioned to the study of the documentation that LaLiga has sent to the club and that is still in the analysis phase to, next Thursday, take a final position in the Extraordinary General Assembly of LaLiga in which it will vote this agreement.

“At the moment we do not see it badly”, the president of Leganés has begun to assess this pact during the presentation of the new main sponsor of the club, the real estate company Urbas. “We are studying the documentation that LaLiga has sent us, which is a lot. On Thursday we will have a meeting [for the Extraordinary General Assembly] and we will assess our position. At the moment, we do not see it badly. It can be positive to continue growing ... but it must be valued ”, the president was cautious.Collateral mess between Urbas and Fuenlabrada

Pavón, however, did show himself resounding in defending total confidence in Urbas, the new 'main sponsor' of the team, after Basketball Fuenlabrada yesterday denounced defaults and various breaches of the agreement that linked him to Urbas itself and that the real estate company broke unilaterally. “We are not concerned. Urbas deserves all our trust ”, he defended alongside Juan Antonio Acedo, CEO of the company and indirect protagonist of the appearance precisely because of the complaint from Fuenlabrada.

“Fuenlabrada breached the contract from our perspective,” Acedo defended himself, who also denied that, as stated in the Fuenlabrada statement, the club was owed 225,000 euros or any notarial requirement had been sent for the payment of these amounts.

“The amounts are not correct, we have not received any notarial request, we have not received an invoice demanding any payment… I do not understand the statement. It is opportunistic (…) We want to reach a friendly agreement without harming the club, which is something that we are not very clear about because there is not much transparency either, ”Acedo insisted.

The CEO of Urbas affirms that on August 23 he will meet with the president of Fuenlabrada, José Quintana, to discuss this matter and try to reach an extrajudicial agreement on an issue that has indirectly affected Leganés.

"The secret is that we like each other"

Beyond this issue, Butarque is more than satisfied to have almost completed all the advertising spaces that his clothing has. Now only the front of the pants is free. And all despite the crisis, despite the veto of bookmakers and despite the fact that there is a high supply of advertising spaces with low demand and economic potential to cover them.

“We have a good team. We are also a team that like each other. Sympathetic. Beyond the circle of Leganés, it is seen with good eyes. Like our way of communicating. That is a secret, ”insisted Pavón, who also did not want to assess whether the Royal Decree for the Regulation of Gaming, which prohibits the advertising of betting on professional sports teams, is fair or not. “The regulation of the bets, it is necessary to attack it. To assess it would be to enter into a debate on whether it is positive or not to maintain this type of sponsorship agreements for society. I am not going to enter into that debate ”, settled the president of Leganés.

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