Pacheta: "Everything starts from the running for the one next to you and for his children"

The coach was satisfied with the capacity and dedication of his team after the victory against Rayo 3-1 in the City of Valladolid Trophy


Real Valladolid presented itself to its public in the best possible way, with a resounding victory (3-1) against a First team such as Rayo. Pacheta appeared in the press room and valued precisely the novel circumstance of having fans in the stands a year and a half later: "We were already used to the silence of the stands and today people have come and they have come wanting to cheer and I liked that. Having an audience generates other sensations and this is the great news of today's game beyond the analysis of the game. It seems that it was so far away that we were not almost able to remember it and this spirit of the public is football, it is that football is not the thing. that we have played this year and a half. This is something else, football belongs to the fan, the fan who comes to the stadium or follows his team from anywhere, that is football ".

The coach wanted to explain the reason for having played so few friendly games in a preseason that I describe as "rare; I couldn't count on the entire team and there was a time when we didn't have players to play serious games and that's why we decided not to we were fit to play. We couldn't distribute the loads because we didn't have people. "

Already entering the analysis of the crash against Rayo, Pacheta was satisfied with the dedication of his players: "The best thing is that we want to run, that everything starts from running, running for the one you have next to you and for the children of the one you have. you have next door and that is the way. The first thing we have to do is run and the quality will come out. Running is in our hands to do it every day and what we have done today must always be done. We can do it and we know how to do it, this is The first thing, and if later we are better than the rival because we have more quality, we are faster or stronger, because we win more duels, we make more chances to score, we deserve the victory, this is the way. What did I like today? that we have raced ... sometimes not together and coordinated, but it is normal, it is almost the first game we played. I really liked that the team was brave. Have we made mistakes? Of course, normal, but we have had many virtues and those are the ones that we are going to put in v alue ".

The system that Real Valladolid used in this game was with three central centers and long lanes, something that may presage what will be part of the season, although it is not an immovable system for the Pucelano coach: "Why do we play with three central centers? because we have very good people on the outside and we have very fast and very good center-backs, very very tough. I have three good center-backs, well I'm going to play with all three ... when I have three midfielders in good shape, all three will play. It is set up to play with two ends and from there we will look for the virtues where we have them and where the players can perform better. We will look for the place where each player is better for himself and for the group. We have many alternatives, it will depend on the rival and how the players are. I do not have a clear tactical drawing, I have played in all the ways, it depends on the player and the characteristics you have. The coach must adapt to the player, there are immovable pillars, but or others can move ".

In spite of the good result and the good image, there was some precipitation in the exit of the ball that caused some errors: "It is normal, we have made the mistake, but we have corrected it with energy; what you do not do with the tactic , you have to do it running and this is what we have done. The error is something we have to live with and it is something that does not have to make you doubt, you have to learn quickly ".

Real Valladolid announced during the match the record for second season subscribers in all history, 12,724, something that Pacheta proudly valued: "I hope there will be many more and I hope we fill the stadium, I have always said that the first objective is to fill Zorrilla, because if we fill it up, we are going 'bitch' ... and running! ".

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