Oviedo wants to debut against a dangerous Tenerife

Ziganda, for the first victory in search of tranquility with a similar eleven, while Ramis values making changes in his starting team to continue adding.


Oviedo and Tenerife measure two starts of the year with different taste in the mouth at the Carlos Tartiere. The Blues, one point out of six, with the need to win to forget the bad starts of the last two seasons. The canaries, four out of six, with the intention of reinforcing the feeling that this year they can fight for the places of honor in the table (follow the game live on As.com) .

The shock comes to Ziganda in the middle of building the team, with signings still to be completed and new ones in the adaptation phase. The coach has ensured that the initial team will be quite similar to that of the first two days, with people from the house, although he has left the door open for some of the signings, such as Borja Bastón, to take a step forward and start. What the coach has endorsed has been Femenías at the door.

The tactical system is another of the doubts in the face of the crash. Ziganda has used the 4-3-3 and the 4-4-2 start in the two games played so far and those seem to be the drawings that are proposed for this appointment. The coach wants his team to enjoy tactical variety in such a demanding competition.

Without wanting to throw the bells on the fly, Tenerife visits the Carlos Tartiere full of illusion. More than because of his game (which at times is convincing), it is because of his good results since he won in Fuenlabrada and was very close to beating Sporting last week. The arrival of the latest signings has ended up awakening hope.

Despite the good start, Luis Miguel Ramis values making a change in the eleven. There was speculation about the possible return of Shaq Moore before his imminent call-up with the United States, but in the end the right-back was not included so that Jérémy Mellot, with a convincing start, would continue in the position.

In the rest of the eleven, there could be news on the offensive plot. Álex Corredera, who started last day on the right wing, did more damage when he went to the middle, while Nono, Bermejo and even Rubén Díez struggled to enter from the sides. Despite the presence of Enric Gallego on the list, Elady Zorrilla would be the forward this afternoon.

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