Official: Usman Garuba signs his contract with Houston Rockets

Tonight, the Texas franchise has announced the signing of the former Real Madrid. In its first year, the white clause would be almost compensated.


Usman Garuba has already signed his new contract with the Houston Rockets, as announced by the team itself. Its future, therefore, becomes officially linked to that of the Texas franchise. In the twenty-third position he was chosen by the Rockets on the night of Draft 2021. The 19-year-old player, therefore, and as was clear after his official separation from Real Madrid, has chosen to sign the contract proposed by a franchise in very clear reconstruction .

His case, in this sense, is reminiscent of Facu Campazzo, with whom he shared days of wine and roses at Real Madrid. His high exit clause, with which the Madridistas compensate for their training in a high-level environment, will mean that the first year in the NBA, after confirming his arrival in Texas, will be entirely destined to pay that difference. They are three million euros to pay, which is 3.56 million dollars. As reported by AS several days ago, during the first two years Garuba will pay about 70% of the total amount, and between the third and the fourth it will pay the remaining 30%.

The fall below 20th place also costs money, of course, and is another point to value so as not to throw the balance out of balance. A place among the first fourteen, the so-called lottery picks because they are the ones that are drawn previously, would have put him at three million the first year, but it will not be like that for him. The 23rd place leaves him with the following numbers: 2.35 million as a rookie and 2.47 as a sophomore, 2.58 if he renews in the third year and 4.39 if he renews for a fourth year. It is a contract in escalation, like all those that come straight from the draft, which can have an extension of up to four seasons. Only as of August 6, like the other players who are free agents, could the agreement reached today with the team in question, the Rockets in this case (and who have several succulent elections, Jalen Green was second and Josh Christopher was one place behind the Spaniard). For making a quick comparison from one side to the other of the first round, Cade Cunningham, 1st, will earn 8.3 million the first year and Santi Aldama, 30th, will pocket the not inconsiderable figure of 1.6 million for that start campaign . Decision to be taken in full Games.

Conditions to take into account in Garuba's decision? As we explained a few days ago, taxation in the state of Texas is lower than in others, in favor, and the net salary that could be received, higher for that reason, has been increased by 20%, something that the franchise had at his disposal. With that and the up to $ 775,000 that Houston can shell out to pay for the Usman clause, he could, let's put it like this and payment terms aside (70% -30%), almost tie the losses and spend only one year of his new contract and then already have the next three full gain.

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