"Right now Real Zaragoza is much more competitive than yesterday; the cherries are missing"

Juan Ignacio Martínez, who considers Valladolid to be a team with a lot of gunpowder, has revealed that the objective is to sign a striker and also another offensive footballer.


Juan Ignacio Martínez has assured that his squad is currently very competitive because players have arrived who may already be starters and has revealed that the objective is to sign a striker and also another offensive player: "The cherries are missing." As for Valladolid, the coach considers that it is a team with a lot of gunpowder and has explained that it is always special for him to return to Pucela: "I think it has been the only club in which I have not fulfilled my objective and it is a slab that I will have. all my life with myself ".

− This week Álvaro Giménez and Lluís López have arrived. What can they contribute?

− These are positions that Miguel Torrecilla already communicated that they were going to be reinforced. He has even said that one more striker is missing because the season is very long and in the end what we want is a lot of goal. Quality and goal differentiate the course of the teams' season. Last season Zaragoza were very short on goals and that penalized us a lot. As for Lluís, we had three footballers in that area and you always want two per position: two right centrals and two left. There was that vacancy covered by Javi Hernández, but we had the possibility of bringing another colleague and Lluís has come. We are delighted because it was an option that we always had a sideways eye.

− Are they fit to play? And Petrovic and Borja Sainz?

− Everyone is fit to play. The important thing is to have players available and a breadth of squad. These players who have come give us possibilities to change during the course of the game and these things are well received. Blessed problem that we always have many players available to set up an always very competitive eleven.

− What else do you need between now and August 31 to complete the template?

− Torrecilla wants to bring in a forward and another offensive player depending on the market. We know that next week there will be an effect of First-class players who can leave and Real Zaragoza is on pole waiting, as long as it is a footballer of our options. We are not bringing a player for bringing.

− What striker profile would you like to see reached?

− Many times what we look for is that combination in the players, but if the market makes us attractive footballers, even if it lacks one characteristic, if it makes up for it with another we will be delighted. The most important thing is that the player wants to come to Real Zaragoza. Footballers who have the slightest doubt cannot come here.

− Do you consider the workforce to be competitive today?

− Right now it is very competitive because those who have come are players who can be starters now. It is an added bonus for the team. Right now Real Zaragoza is much more competitive than yesterday; cherries are missing.

− How would you like your team to improve compared to the previous match?

− We made an extra effort with Ibiza and they didn't give us to win. I think we even ran badly during the game and that are things that we must see because the player noticed it at the end of the game. In that sense, we have had a lot to do with it because we have a series of automatisms in pressure, recovery and the offensive aspect that we have to carry out.

− Valladolid is one of the teams called to fight for promotion. Is it better to face them now or does it matter?

− In the end you have to play against everyone, although it is true that there are moments of the season in which there are teams that are with very high performance or in a negative streak. I take this question to say that it is special for me to return to Pucela. I think it has been the only club in which I have not fulfilled my objective and it is a slab that I will have all my life with myself. Now we are where we are and see if we bring the three points, which is the most important thing.

− What worries you most about Valladolid?

− It is a team recently relegated with 99% of the eleven type of last season in First. It has players who give a plus to what is the Second and especially in the offensive plane it has a lot of gunpowder and we must be very careful. In addition, Pacheta is a coach who makes the most of his teams, as he has shown in recent seasons.

− There is a series of footballers who continue in the squad, such as Larrazábal and Javi Ros, and who were told that they had to leave, even remaining out of the squad on the first day. How does a coach manage that?

− They know their situation from the club since the end of the season. From my mouth they also know what I think at the moment and from then on they are team players and they must decide. Here everyone is clear about what situation we are in.

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