No margin for error in the southern Madrid derby

Alcorcón and Fuenlabra seek to reconnect with the points in a match marked by the rivalry of the two teams. A defeat would set off the first alarms.


Alcorcón and Fuenlabrada enter the second day with a zero in their locker after starting with a defeat in the first date of the season. The potters started the season against Ponferradina with a head and a cross. The face was football, where the team took the initiative, was solid defensively, generated chances and set the tempo of the game. The cross was the defeat, a penalty against and an expulsion that caused the Alcorcón to come from the emptiness of Bercian lands. It was difficult for the azulones to enter the game against Tenerife (1-2). The concentration errors and the lack of intensity in the first half hindered a path that Mula paved with the draw and greater involvement of the group. Fuenlabrada had the draw in their pocket until at the last moment Corredera invented a great goal that left Torres speechless.

The bad start of both and the tag of the southern derby of the Community of Madrid increases the temperature of the meeting, to which the two teams arrive with the conviction of adding to drive away doubts and immerse themselves in a positive dynamic (follow the match live on .

The second day of the League, first at home for Alcorcón, seems like a propitious occasion to release the counter. Last season Alcorcón was unable to win any Madrid derby against Rayo, Leganés or Fuenlabrada and as Juanma Bravo told us this week in Diario AS "We want to win a derby. Last year I was left with the thorn." .

Anquela and Oltra have agreed at a press conference about how the game will be: "complicated and equal for the two teams." The potters will seek to be that solid team again and to carry the initiative that we saw on the first day. Anquela is dismissed due to a penalty from the captain, Laure. On the right wing he will be replaced by Víctor García. After the good level seen in El Toralín, the technician has promised few changes in the eleven.

Fuenlabrada paid for the lack of legs and reinforcements against Tenerife. Jano Velasco's injury leaves the team on an unknown horizon as they lose their engine room engineer. His absence and that of Pathé Ciss resound in Torres, which hopes to find in a Nuno Pina a substitute for guarantees. Oltra has encountered the first obstacle in the early stages of change, although he has recovered Iban Salvador and Gozzi for this match. They are expected in the eleven with Pedro León, Cristóbal and Zozulia, figures in the league premiere. Murcian and Madrilenian beat up in the midfield while the Ukrainian administered doses of intensity that spread to the rest.

Leaving defensive mistakes behind, being competitive from the first minute and taking a step forward in search of chances are the pending tasks of Fuenlabrada, which goes to Santo Domingo in search of points, as Oltra has commented in the previous one.Keys to the game Defensive solidity and taking the initiative

Alcorcón will repeat the approach seen against Ponferradina where it prioritized the defense of the area and the management of the ball as arguments to find victory.

Finding relief

Jano's injury disrupts plans because Fuenla loses its destroyer. Cristóbal aims to replace him even though he sees his functions multiplied in the center of the field.

Imbalance to reach the goal

The potters will seek overflow and quality in the band with great mobility behind the striker with players such as Arribas, Juan Hernández, Asier Córdoba, Ernesto and Al Badaoui.

Show your face

Altube started against Tenerife and Pedro León showed leadership. Anderson, Zozulia and Gozzi are also called to gain prominence and justify their signing.

TO FOLLOW Xisco Jiménez

His goals after the winter market were essential to reach permanence last season. At the beginning of the competition, the Balearic Islands seemed to be the reference in the potter attack. Against Ponferradina he was very active, fixed to the centrals and had opportunities to open the scoring.

Álex Mula

After a first season of adaptation, the winger has to establish himself in the blue eleven. Against Tenerife he was the one who brought Fuenlabrada closer to victory. He scored the tying goal and his movements allowed the team to grow close to the area.

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