Neymar: out of focus and criticized

The Brazilian returned to competition against Stade Reims, but despite the victory, he was subdued and unlucky. From France it is pointed out to him.


The Stade Reims-PSG was Messi's game, since he would dress short for the first time for a team that was Barcelona, and that of Mbappé, whose name cannot be understood without the words soap opera, market and Real Madrid in the same paragraph. However, the Parisian team is, at the moment, a three-headed monster and the third in contention, Neymar, made his debut this season against Óscar García's men.

If Kylian issued a sentence with a double and Leo installed madness in the stands with his simple presence, the case of the Brazilian was very different ... The adjectives and phrases that fill the French press in regard to Ney are a good example of this. "Complicated return", "out of shape", "without weight in the team's game", "little defensively involved" are some of the examples that place him in the center of the stage, but the one destined for criticism, because the spotlights destined for praise point this Monday in another direction ... 444 444Not everything was negative, Mogi das Cruzes's tried it on occasion, with some combination with Di María at the beginning of the clash or in a precious free-kick launched at half an hour. However, due to the lack of physical background, a provocative Neymar could be seen, more focused on personal wars against Touré or Kebbal than on striking the rival defense. Of course, he appeared in the photograph of the match, since he gave his place on the pitch to his new teammate and always friend Messi. A hug sealed the welcome and the end of a game that Ney will surely want to forget as soon as possible. Personally at least

Suspense in the first quarter

'L'Équipe ', in fact, suspended his performance with' 4 '(Mbappé had an' 8 ', the best), the only one that did not reach the approved next to a Wijnaldum that does not finish finding the rhythm with PSG. "On the left side of the inaugural 4-3-3, the Brazilian appeared out of shape. He touched the ball little, with few exceptions. He had no weight in his team's play. A good driving (28 '), but he had no legs. He was replaced by Messi (66 '), who took advantage of his half hour ... ", explains the French newspaper.

It is clear that it was not his day, although we must not forget that it is simply the 'first set' of Neymar's season. His vacations are extended more than those of the rest, since he played, and lost, the final of the Copa América against Argentina. During the break, he could be seen in a state of form that filled his teammates with mockery of his return to training. Now he has to squeeze himself to reappear in the photo and focus the spotlight on his person again, but celebrating and being the protagonist for his mischief on the field. Final exams will come later.

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