Neuville and the Hyundai do not give option in Ypres

The local idol champions the dominance of Korean cars, which take the top three positions after the initial stage of the Belgian event.


The Hyundai navy does not give a choice in Belgium. The official i20s led by Thierry Neuville take the top three positions of the Ypres Rally after the first stage. With Craig Breen and Ott Tanak escorting the local idol, this first day of the World Rally Championship on Belgian territory has been capitalized by the color blue.

Such has been the domain of Hyundai, who have not left even the crumbs to their Toyota rivals. Already from the shakedown they began to set the pace with Neuville setting the best time, and in the afternoon in competition they have won all the stages contested, four for the Belgian (to the delirium of the local fans, who for the first time enjoy the WRC at home ), two for Breen and the other for Tanak. The fast but narrow Belgian roads, full of junctions, with a very slippery floor and some ditches that take you prisoner if you neglect, seem made for the i20, which this weekend could give a turn to a season that was getting out of hand. putting uphill.

Of course, Tanak has the three Toyota Kalle Rovanpera, Elfyn Evans and Sebastien Ogier, who has taken advantage of the fact that the Estonian's engine has lost power in the second loop to get closer. The battle will continue tomorrow with an 8-stage stage in which the Yaris will try to turn around a rally start that has eluded them.

Worse still has been for the Fords, who have ended up trapped by ditches, the kind of treacherous. Adrien Fourmaux suffered a spectacular accident and it seems difficult for him to re-enlist, and Gus Greenmith starred in another milder one, but which also forced him to abandon it.


1. Neuville-Wydaeghe (Bel / Hyundai), 1h 4m 27.0s

2. Breen-Marshall (Irl / Hyundai), at 7.6

. Tanak-Jarveoja (Est / Hyundai), at 31.2

4. Rovanpera-Halttunen (Fin / Toyota), at 32.6

5. Evans-Martin (Gbr / Toyota), at 33.

6. Ogier-Ingrassia (Fra / Toyota), at 39.

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