Nainggolan files and bundles upon arrival: arrested

The midfielder, recently signed by Royal Antwerp, has been arrested for speeding while intoxicated, as confirmed by 'HLN'.


Radja Nainggolan does not go unnoticed. Barely a week has taken him to star in his first scandal since his return to Belgium was confirmed, after terminating his contract with Inter Milan and signing for Royal Antwerp. And it is that, 'HLN' and 'Nieuwsblad' report that the midfielder has been arrested for speeding and has tested positive in the breathalyzer test that has been carried out a posteriori.

The incident took place at 4 am on Sunday, August 22, on the streets of Antwerp and the city police confirmed the withdrawal of the driving license for 15 days. "He had to surrender his driving license for the next 15 days due to a combination of speeding and drunk driving," said Kristof Aerts, spokesman for the Antwerp prosecution service."Betrayed and abandoned" by Cagliari

The former Inter player seemed that he would end up playing for Cagliari, where he spent the last months of last year on loan and, after ending his relationship with the Neroazurri, said he felt "betrayed and abandoned "for the Sardinians. As the negotiations with them did not advance, he made the decision to go to the aforementioned Royal Antwerp, with whom he already debuted during the weekend despite the little training time that he had accumulated.

"I had a first talk with the coach in which he clearly expressed his expectations, which went beyond football. They were also focused in terms of mentality and setting an example for young people, because they admire me on the pitch", he said at the press conference of his presentation. Now, he's making headlines for his off-the-field adventures.

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