Nadal says enough!

The Spaniard announced that he will be out for the US Open and the remainder of the season. "I have been suffering more than I should with my foot for more than a year and I need to take some time."


Rafa Nadal will not play the US Open this year and will not compete again for the remainder of the season. The news was suspected since the Spaniard showed and acknowledged that he had problems in his left foot during the ATP 500 in Washington, in which he beat Jack Sock with a conspicuous limp and lost the next day against Lloyd Harris. "I hope that the pain will get better little by little, otherwise, I will have to look for other solutions," he warned in the United States capital. Then he gave up playing the 1,000 masters in Canada, for which he even tried to prepare in Toronto, and days later he also got off from Cincinnati. Nadal makes the same decision that two other top tennis players announced in recent days: Roger Federer and Dominic Thiem.

The chronic ailment that once again takes her off the track has dragged her on since the beginning of her career and was on the verge of truncating it in 2005. It is called Müller-Weiss syndrome and it is a degenerative disease, a dysplasia of the tarsal scaphoid that occurs in childhood and manifests itself in adulthood. The one that torments the Spanish since he was 18 years old. The worst thing is that there is no treatment or surgery to repair it, only rest is effective. The problem is not his tennis, whose quality remains intact.

"Hello everyone: I wanted to tell you that unfortunately I have to end the 2021 season. Honestly, I have been suffering a lot more than I should with my foot for a year and I need to take some time. After having discussed it with the team and with my family This decision has been made and I think it is the way forward to try to recover, and recover well, "says Nadal in a statement accompanied by a video.The injuries have marked Nadal's career, and they have been constantly present in 15 of his 19 courses as a professional and have left him in the dry dock for a total of 38 months, more than three years. They have affected, at least and as far as it is known, the left shoulder, the left foot, both knees, the abdomen, both wrists, the appendix, the iliac psoas, the right ankle, the left thigh and the back. Tremendous. Even so, Nadal has won 88 titles, 20 of them Grand Slam, has won 1,028 matches and has been number one in the world, apart from the two Olympic golds and the five Davis Cup Salad Bowls, among other achievements that adorn his honors. The idol promises to "work as hard as he can" with "the utmost enthusiasm and predisposition to do whatever it takes to regain the best possible shape" and to "compete again" for the things that motivate him.

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