Nadal comes back on the wrong foot

Rafa has had to resign due to injury to the Masters 1000 in Canada and Cincinnati, so he will arrive at the US Open, if he arrives, without prior filming.


Rafael Nadal returned to competition in Washington last week, almost two months after his elimination in the Roland Garros seminars against Novak Djokovic. Aesthetically, it was not very far to see a tennis star who had resigned from the Olympics when the event was not over, but his explanations prior to the comeback and subsequent events have more than clarified why. Nadal resigned from Wimbledon and Tokyo to regain his physique. "My body made the decision," Rafa said before his return. After passing through Paris, the Spaniard had to stop twenty days without touching the racket due to a foot injury that, as seen, has not remitted. Nadal changed his habits on the North American tour and returned a week earlier than usual, in Washington, to test himself and regain rhythm as soon as possible. The first match was won by Jack Sock, but suffered pain. The second he lost to Lloyd Harris, but he already felt better, which he interpreted as a favorable step: "I need the feeling of playing several days in a row without problems."Nadal signed up for the 1,000 Canadian Masters, which this year will be held in Toronto, and kept the Cincinnati, the two tournaments that serve as the classic shuttle for the US Open, on his agenda. They were two opportunities to meet that need, to recover those sensations, to mold his physique and his battered foot to the competition, to ensure a good point of form for the Grand Slam ... It could not be. The ailments have not given way and Rafa has had to give up both, so he will arrive at the United States Open, if he arrives, without prior filming. "The important thing is to enjoy playing tennis and today, with this pain, I cannot enjoy it," said the Spaniard, who once again suffered a break in his career due to injuries. The worst thing is that, with 35 years, it is increasingly difficult to get up.

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