Morales against Karim Benzema: make way for artillery

The Granota attacker is coming off his best scoring season. One out of every three Madrid goals in the league has come from the French striker in the last three seasons.


Levante have won three of the last six duels with Madrid and Morales scored in the three victories, whose command is beginning to last forever. Last February he renewed until 2023 and his continuity was ensured at least until the age of 36, a fair reward for a late-maturing footballer still capable of reaching a top speed of 35 kilometers per hour. He did not debut in the First Division until he was 27, after spending two seasons in the subsidiary and one on loan at Eibar, but last year he scored 14 goals, his usual ceiling in professional football. In this he already managed to score in Cádiz.

Morales is the great threat to Paco López's team, very little reformed and with two sensitive casualties at the top. Soldier, one of his signings, broke for a month and a half at the premiere. Dani Gómez, for three weeks. Both went through the quarry of Madrid, as Melero or De Frutos, who will be headlines today. Even Morales got to try the white child. Levante always liked that fishing ground and it paid off (follow today's game live on, the 'signing'

Paco López's team offers few secrets. He presents an open and courageous football that has allowed him to stay in the First Division with a coach who three and a half years ago took the team with the air of an interim and has given him character and results. His weak points are set pieces (second worst team in this chapter last season) and forcefulness. His strength, the attack: between Morales and Roger Martí, his attackers today, they scored 25 goals. The third man is Campaña, who last season fell from the sky to the ground. In autumn he made his debut with the National Team. In November he was injured and did not play again. Now he is ready again in his role as the most influential player in a team with great stability in the First Division (only one decrease in eleven years) .

Like Madrid, it is still pending the market. He seeks accommodation for Rubén Vezo and Sergio León, who do not count for Paco López, and tries the signing of a central defender after an irregular preseason, with four wins, three losses and a draw.

In Madrid the setbacks of the past year are repeated. Kroos, Ceballos, Mariano, Marcelo and Mendy are still out, and Modric, a crucial player, joins the list. In his eight years at Madrid he has only played less than 40 games per season once. In the past he was in 48. His natural replacement seems Isco, with which Ancelotti applies the memory effect. In the two seasons of the first stage of the Italian he scored 17 goals. Then it has been declining precipitously. Last year he was the eighteenth player in the squad in minutes and only played ten games as a starter, but with Ancelotti he was already in the eleven of the two pre-season friendlies and had a few minutes in Vitoria. Asensio, to whom Ancelotti seeks a place in midfield due to excess attackers, is plan B.

Bale and Hazard

Carvajal also returns, after a season with five injuries that only allowed him to play 15 games. It sounds like a signing. The Italian will play little of the rest, although Vinicius, who starts at ten dribbles per game, proved in Mendizorroza that he is doing better than Bale. However, his position is Hazard's and the Belgian needs activity to return to his happy past. Since January he has only scored two goals and the two worst scoring seasons of his career coincide with his stay at Madrid.

In any case, and waiting for the wind to change in the Mbappé case, the defense and Benzema are the two great assets of Madrid. Saving back partially lessened the devastating effect of Cristiano's departure. It was with Ramos and Varane and now Nacho and Militao are forced to repeat. And above, almost everything has had to be done by the best Benzema. He already signed a double in the opening match, which is nothing more than a reflection of a trend. In the last three leagues he signed 21, 21 and 23 goals. The irregular genie now works like a Swiss watch. One in three goals for Madrid were his doing in that league triennium. An extremely exaggerated dependency that seems difficult to correct without signings. But Madrid only has one in mind: it will be in Mbappé or no one. And nobody scares.

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