Mondelo defends itself and attacks Garbajosa and the FEB

The former female selector flatly rejects the words Marta Xargay, who accused him of pushing her to bulimia and consternation.


Lucas Mondelo, former national selector, issued a defense statement for Marta Xargay's accusations against him. The former player, only 30 years old, reported that she suffered bulimia due to the demands of the coach during her time at Russian Kursk (2018-19 season). "I felt bad about eating, even if it was a salad ... I did not enjoy the food, I would eat anxiously and then I would go to the bathroom ... My psychologist would not let me weigh myself and in concentration with the selection I continued that control. It created a lot of anxiety for me. When I knew that the next morning they had to weigh us down, at night I did not sleep ”, he recounted in El País last Sunday."Total rejection, surprise and dismay"

"I want to express my total rejection, surprise and dismay at the alleged responsibilities attributed to me regarding the alleged medical situations of Marta Xargay, as well as the accusation of an alleged improper conduct to my detriment. I work as a coach both in the Dinamo de Kursk club (2018-19 season) and in the Spanish Basketball Team ”, Mondelo begins.

“Marta has worked with me from 2009 to 2020, (Spanish Selection, Perfumerías Avenida and Kursk) always having a relationship of cordiality, closeness and professionalism manifested by both parties in multiple interviews, messages and whatsapp audios, among which I highlight the one who sent me in May 2020 to announce his break in basketball and which I keep with the affection reciprocated between masters ”, continues the coach, who was dismissed after the elimination of Spain in the quarterfinals of the Olympic Games against France. The Spanish Basketball Federation (FEB) hid itself in that it had not obtained the sporting results stipulated in its contract.Response to FEB

After Xargay's revelation, the Federation was quick to show its full support for the player. In addition, he assured that he was completely unaware of the content of the publication and condemned without palliative the forms denounced by an international with seven medals and 147 matches with Spain.

"The official statement of the FEB seems inadmissible to me, as well as the statements that lack the truth of the President, Jorge Garbajosa," Mondelo points out in this regard. “Although the President knew that these statements were going to be published, nothing was communicated to me. In addition, to date the President has not contacted me to know my opinion (...), on this serious matter, assuming truthful the manifestations that do not conform to reality, with violation of fundamental rights and with the clear objective of damaging my reputation as much as possible, all within the harassment campaign to which I am being subjected, after the renewal of my contract until 2024, both before and after the announcement of my dismissal, which is effective on the 6th November 2021 ”.

The complete statement from Mondelo

Mondelo underlines that the responsibilities regarding the feeding of the players "do not correspond to the coach but to the medical services of the FEB or the Club." "They never told me that the player suffered from any disorder," he continues. “The players, both in the Kursk and in the FEB, are subjected to exhaustive medical examinations and planning and monitoring by the biomedical area, both for injuries, physical situations, nutrition and any other aspect that may condition their sports performance. At no time have I been warned by the Kursk Club or by the FEB or by the player or by the medical services or by anyone from the FEB structure of any type of anomaly that led to the serious acts of which I am accused ”, he assures the coach, who is studying filing legal action against Xargay's accusations.

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