Messi unleashes madness in Paris

The arrival of the crack causes the apotheosis in the French capital and the most absolute sadness in Barcelona. The PSG fans took over the airport, the hospital and the hotel.


París is a party and Barcelona is a funeral. Both realities were unleashed yesterday in the most exorbitant way when around four in the afternoon Messi landed at the Paris-Le Bourget private flights airport and greeted the crowd that was waiting for him smiling and wearing a white shirt that read "Ici c 'est Paris "(this is Paris) that he had put on as soon as he landed. That was the moment that unleashed the euphoria in the French capital and the painful realization of the most inexplicable failure in the recent history of Barcelona. The joy of PSG was only comparable to the pain of the Barcelona fans. For some a dream begins, for the Catalans a nightmare begins.

If the image of seeing Messi happy and surprised by the crowd that cheered him like a liberator at the airport, in the Parque de los Príncipes, at the clinic where he passed the medical examination and at the door of the hotel where he has lived since last night is lasts for the Catalans, the worst will come today at eleven o'clock in the morning when it is presented at the stadium with all the pomp that the Parisian club may be capable of perpetrating, which has already amply demonstrated that it does not haggle or effort or money to show its power, at least in the offices and the market. On the field is something else. That is why they have taken advantage of the chaos of a ruined Barça to finally get the neutron bomb they dreamed of so much.

Monday night was the necessary push to complete the operation. Jorge Messi's office in Barcelona worked until the wee hours reviewing the draft contracts sent by the French lawyers. PSG was in a hurry and did not hide it, it seemed that the Argentine did not want to run so much. He had already made it clear that he was not going to travel to Paris until the agreement was finalized. He would not move to negotiate. But by mid-morning on Tuesday the end of the negotiations was reached. They did not wait and as soon as everything was agreed, Messi and his family left to catch their private flight to France, where they arrived around four in the afternoon.

Ecstasy among the Parisian fans broke out. They had been celebrating it for a long time, because since last Thursday, when Barça announced that it was unable to retain Leo, the end of the story was more than sung. But nothing like seeing the dream come true. The God made flesh was in Paris in a T-shirt.

As soon as he arrived, Messi headed to the American Hospital, where he entered wearing a Barça mask, the colors of Paris Saint-Germain. How could it be otherwise, in the hospital, hundreds of followers chanted his name.

There was also a party at the door of the Park of the Princes where the name of the star was chanted and "Puta Barça" was shouted with enthusiasm while the races followed each false alarm of a possible arrival of the Argentine to his new field of play.

The stadium, heavily seized by a police force that had nothing to envy that of match days, had the area near the venue fenced off and some streets were closed. It will not take long for the Messi family to realize that this is not Castelldefels, where they could go quietly to the supermarket like any neighbor. There they were part of the landscape, here they are already a national monument.

For example, the crowd gathered at the door of his new home, the Hotel Le Royal Monceau, near the Arc de Triomphe, nothing more appropriate for the Argentine player and for the hopes that are placed in him by a club that finally yesterday he was able to celebrate his apotheosis, while in Barcelona, the culés began to go through a tough duel with unsuspected consequences.

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