Messi: everything points to PSG

With the future of the Argentine in the air after the statement from Barça, the question now is to know in which club he can fit at a sporting and also economic level. Several journalists already speak of contacts with the Parisian club.


The worldwide impact of the news of Messi immediately supposed that the eyes were directed to those clubs that are qualified to be able to contract him. Fitting in the Argentine is not easy, as his high salary forces very specific staff movements and balances accounts that are currently very deteriorated in the midst of the pandemic. In addition, Messi's sporting challenges are not yet exhausted and he is looking for a project that will still allow him to continue winning titles. In any case, the alternatives that seem clearer are the following.


The big favorite, for many. Al Khelaifi has always had Messi as a dream and now he is closer than ever. He has no financial problems to offer the salary he asks for, although he may have to do without a big star to make room for him. The spotlights point to Mbappé, just one year away from ending his contract and with Madrid lurking. Another important factor is Neymar. The Brazilian, a close friend of Messi, recently renewed in exchange for a first-class sports project to be built around him.He has never hidden his desire to play with Messi again and, despite Barça's attempts to bring them together, it seems that he is closer to this happening in Paris than in Barcelona. There are compatriots like Paredes and Di María who would also make Messi comfortable on arrival, as well as good signings like Ramos or Donnarumma that they attract. For the moment, yes, Le Parisien reports that the club has other priorities, including the continuity of Mbappé himself. In contrast to what has already been said, the prestigious journalist Mohamed Bouhafsi and the also prestigious Fabrizio Romano speak of contacts on Thursday night between PSG and the Argentine.Manchester City

The great claim for Messi at City is called Pep Guardiola. With no other coach has he played at the level that with him when they met at Barça. In addition, they have a good relationship of respect and the uncertainty of knowing what would have happened if they had spent more time together. There may never be another chance to meet again. For many they are the best player and the best coach, so their combination would be lethal.

City need to take a step forward in their desire to finally win the Champions League and with Messi they would be closer. In any case, the signings of this summer did not go through him in principle. This Thursday the 'citizen' team announced the incorporation of Grealish for 118 million euros and is also trying to hire Harry Kane, who will have a similar cost.

In other words, the investment was decided and the bet on the Argentine did not appear in it. Nor does the Premier seem the ideal championship for Messi to play at age 34 and with a considerably lower pace of play than a few seasons ago. But everything remains to be seen.Miami

Beckham's team in MLS is an option that Messi has managed, although he sees it still distant. It is clear that a placid retirement in a minor league and in a city as glamorous as Miami attracts any footballer. In addition, the club would allow him to continue in the organization chart once he decides to retire, so it would offer him a long-term contract that would allow Messi to move in the best possible way between his role as a player and another that remains to be seen in the future but within football, if you wish.

Despite the fact that he has already exceeded thirty, Messi sees himself with the strength to continue playing in Europe at the highest level and this leaves many options for him to leave for the US The great America's Cup held finally convinced him that he still has rope to continue playing among the best in Europe and fight for more top-level titles.


This option should not be ruled out either. Barça's announcement is a message and a criticism of LaLiga and Javier Tebas, but Messi has said absolutely nothing about a goodbye. If the problems between the club and the employers can be fixed, the Argentine has the perfect right to re-sign a contract for Barça. It would be to turn the tables again, but in this matter there are still many cards to play.

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