Mel hits the key

"We dominate Valladolid with the system change," said the Las Palmas coach. "I liked the reaction after the 0-1," he insisted.


It was known since the dawn of the preseason, as Pepe Mel had announced and arranged it, that Las Palmas would use this course, far beyond being a one-off resource, the defense of three center-backs and two lanes. The conviction was also given by necessity, since the bleeding of goals conceded, 53, in the past course, imposed to harden the defensive protocol of the Gran Canaria team so that it aspired, at least, to the promotion playoffs.

"It was a very competitive game between two teams that went to win," Mel said yesterday after the 1-1 against Valladolid. "We have kept the time of the duel in many parts of it," insisted the Madrid coach, for whom the announced change of scheme was key after starting the appointment with the classic four-man line behind: "We notice the change of system for the better: from then on we had the dominance of the party ".

"We were with people already tired, we had problems on the outside, and the best way to balance the game is to use the same system as Valladolid, with three centrals," she said to clarify this rotation of pieces that helped her to hit the key adequate.

In the absence of football, with the lack of rhythm and coupling typical of the first league match, Mel also wanted to highlight the mental strength of his boys. "I really like the reaction we had with the 0-1 because it was a blow and we reacted well," he also clarified.The chief technical officer also spoke about the importance of the Las Palmas fans, once again present at the Gran Canaria Stadium, in the draw. "I have seen an enthusiastic fans who have liked what they have seen. They observed a team that, at all times, has tried to win," he clarified. The stands of the island enclosure also hit the key. "The fans are going to be important to us in every game we play because those 7,000 fans have been able to take us at a time when we needed a push," he said.

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