Medvedev is on the prowl

The Russian aspires in Cincinnati to his second consecutive Masters 1,000, which would put him in a position to assault Djokovic's number one at the US Open.


Daniil Medvedev, the world number two, advances with a firm step in Cincinnati after knocking down Grigor Dimitrov in the second round. The Muscovite has just won in Toronto and is now aiming for his second consecutive Masters 1,000 title, which would also put him in a position to storm Novak Djokovic's lead at the US Open. Since February 2004, when Andy Roddick held the crown, no one other than the Big Three or Andy Murray has sat on that throne. While Roger Federer, 40, has decided to return to surgery with a difficult recovery on the horizon; Rafa Nadal, 35, ponders his presence at the next Grand Slam with a bad foot; and Djokovic, 34, recovers from his hit at the Olympics to try to complete his collection of four greats in a course in New York, the 25-year-old Russian adds on the North American tour, which has always been his best farmland. Medvedev still has a lot of progress to make on clay, he has room to grow on grass, but on hard court he is already one of the most effective and toughest tennis players on the ATP circuit.

Medvedev emerged precisely on this North American tour in 2019, when he chained four finals without rest: Washington, Canada, Cincinnati and US Open. He only won one title, the one he currently disputes, but his epic performance against Rafa Nadal in New York, whom he led to the fifth set in four hours and 53 minutes, already warned that he was going to be a demanding future rival and, of course , a serious candidate to reign in world tennis. He still has to make the leap in a Grand Slam, where he has lost two finals: the aforementioned one against Nadal and the last one from Australia against Djokovic, to which he arrived with the aura of a favorite, but succumbed without much resistance. Nole is still a lot of Nole. But Medvedev is also a little bit more of a player every day. And watch on the prowl.

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