Mbappé leads Messi's party

The Frenchman decides against Reims with a double and ignites the debates with his celebration on the historic day of the Argentine's debut in Ligue 1.


Neither Leo Messi's debut nor party could satisfy Kylian Mbappé. The French international was the unexpected protagonist (with his future still undecided) in the Argentine star's historic debut, who entered the 65th minute with 0-2 (that's how the game ended) on the scoreboard. Reims became a party with Mbappé dressed as an executioner and with Messi in the focus of the thousands of fans who gathered in the stadium to only be able to tell that they saw the first match of Rosario in Ligue 1.

From a € 1,500 resale before the game to endless queues to get accredited, the effervescence generated by Messi in the run-up to the game vanished with a stroke of the pen. The Argentine aimed to start, but finally Pochettino decided not to include him in the eleven as a precaution. Mbappé, in what could be his last game with the PSG shirt, did start in a line-up that also brought Keylor Navas' second consecutive title. The Costa Rican regained ownership of Donnarumma in a decision that could be final for Pochettino.

The start of the match, marked by an unprecedented kick-off foul by Stade Reims, was marked by intense pressure from the team led by Óscar García, who came out to be the protagonist and brave and disturbed the departure of the ball from PSG. However, the first great chance of the match was for Mbappé, who, as if it were a gazelle, entered the Reims area at supersonic speed and pulled a resource from his sleeve with the toe that by millimeters was not a goal .

If Mbappé forgives once, not twice. The French international put his team ahead in the 16th minute, taking advantage of a great center from Di María. It is Mbappé's second consecutive header goal after also scoring from a header against Brest last week. As of 0-1, Reims, which was already beginning to show signs of weakness, put themselves at the mercy of a PSG that was gradually beginning to be a roller, showing that the 0-2 was going to come sooner rather than later Unless Parisian piety landed on the Agusute Delaune. Even so, Reims had two arrivals at the end of the first half that put fear in the body in the PSG.

In the second half, practically everyone wanted to know when Messi was going to make his debut and not even the disallowed goal against Munetsi changed Stade Auguste Delaune's nerves. The rest was inconsequential, but Mbappé was once again the protagonist. Just when the Argentine was about to enter, the French international took advantage of a great center from Achraf to make it 0-2. It was then that the world stopped. When Ligue 1 entered a new dimension and when the Reims stadium in unison began to chant his name in unison. Messi made his debut in Ligue 1 and nothing would ever be the same in France.

The Argentine star entered for Neymar in the 65th minute and monopolized practically all the attacks of his team. He did not stop asking for it, he threw walls with Mbappé, provoked a spectacular fervor in the public (delighted despite the 0-2 visitor) and captured all eyes in every little action or movement that took place around him. He even received two very hard fouls, in a clear welcome of the harshness with which they play in Ligue 1 at times. PSG won 0-2 and reached full victories in four Ligue rounds 1.

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