Mbappé enters the 'Florentino zone'

August 31 is D-Day. PSG must decide: sell at 180 million and balance their budget or Kylian will be free on 1-E. Ronaldo, Ramos, Modric and Bale have already arrived on the horn.


August 31 is as close as Mbappé is to Real Madrid. The French crack enters the 'Florentine zone. The white president closed four big signings on the last market day: Ronaldo Nazario, Sergio Ramos, Modric and Bale. The next can be Mbappé. The player has rejected, one after another, five renewal offers from PSG, which also has to choose between selling him in the next twenty days for 180 million or risk losing it for free on January 1.

The sale should also be considered for legal reasons, because it blatantly violates the financial fair play of both Ligue 1 and UEFA, but neither one nor the other seem willing to bring the sheiks to the waist. The French Federation could demand sales amounting to almost two hundred million euros, and UEFA urge it to lower its salary bill from the current 99% to 70%, as established by law. But it will not be. No flats.

But Messi's arrival at the Parisian club / state may accelerate Mbappé's departure. Florentino has been looking forward to this signing for years. But he never lost his patience. Nor will he now, when he is about to achieve his goal. The player has chosen Madrid, but no PSG footballer has been able to voluntarily leave the team before fulfilling his contract. It seems that the 'kafala' is also applied in the PSG, the Islamic system by which the worker is denied the right to freedom of movement and the ability to change jobs and leave the country is limited.

In any case, the signing of Mbappé has economic, sports and political aspects. It is a very complicated operation that would not be possible except for the axiom that in football, in the end, the footballer is the one who chooses the team in which he plays. It is costing Mbappé more, but because PSG has made his continuity a 'casus belli'.

The relationship, once magnificent between Madrid and PSG, is no longer so. Rather the complete opposite. It was spoiled with the Super League. The truth is that the club / state betrayed the project precisely to continue enjoying the privileges it now enjoys, with UEFA unable to stop its financial abuse riding on the back of petrodollars.

PSG signed up for the Super League plan fearing it would curdle, but with the idea of bursting it from within. He played two decks, and when he could he prodded him. Hence came the rush in the failed presentation of the plan. But there will be no more emergencies, and less to sign Mbappé. Florentino waits calm and hopeful for August 31st. It's D-Day.

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