Mbappé does not fall into the trap

Al-Khelaifi launched this bravado at Messi's presentation when asked about the future of Kylian, who remains unrenewed with PSG (ends in 2022).


"Mbappé is Parisian, very competitive. He wanted a competitive team and I think that now there is nothing more competitive as a team. He has no excuses." The last three words sounded like a threat, nothing veiled, towards the French player. In the noble floor of Real Madrid, this reaction from the president of PSG was taken with ease, since it is already known that in the roadmap of the signing of Kylian towards the Bernabéu Florentino will not find a single green traffic light. The position of PSG is to pressure Mbappé to forget his Madrid dream and wear him out with these kinds of phrases, which put him even more against that PSG fans that have clearly been devoted to Messi since his arrival in Paris. Khelaifi went further at Le Parisien and strategically unveiled ambitious short-term plans: "I will never talk about the negotiations with Mbappé and his family. It's one thing between us. Kylian is happy with Messi's arrival. Some media are looking for trouble, but There aren't any. The stadium is small. We have to discuss with Anne Hidalgo. I love the Parque de los Príncipes, but we need to expand it. Each large club has 80 thousand spectators. Expanding the Parque de los Príncipes is an obligation ".

In Madrid they are calm: "Kylian is a kid with a well furnished head and he will not change his decision due to public pressure from Al-Khelaifi. We remain calm with the kid." Indeed, Mbappé has talked about everything with his family and his decision to sign for Madrid is non-negotiable, whether this summer if PSG finally opens its hand to negotiate (something highly unlikely, given what has been seen) or waits for the season to end and from January 1 to be able to freely close his contract with Madrid to land at the new Bernabéu in the summer of 2022. Therefore. If Al-Khelaifi wanted to dissuade Mbappé with his phrases or intimidate Madrid with that threat of retaining him in Paris whatever, he has not achieved the objective. Both Madrid and Mbappé know that sooner or later they will unite their destinies. Privately they have already said "yes, I do." Sometimes a word is worth more than a 200-page contract. Mbappé's dream of being the great star of the next Madrid in 2021 or 2022 is still valid. A lot.

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