Mbappé and Leonardo break

The relationship with the sports director has been totally broken for a long time and the player continues with the firm idea of leaving in August. There are no offers at the moment.


Kylian Mbappé aims to leave PSG in August. As AS has learned, the player's intention not to continue and not renew with the Parisian team. Although optimism continues to be transmitted from the French capital regarding the extension of Bondy's talent contract, the player does not want to renew whatever Al Khelaïfi's proposal is.

One of the triggers for Mbappé's decision is Leonardo. Relations between the sports director and the player have been totally broken for a long time. That is why Al Khelaïfi has emerged as the last hope for PSG, displacing Leonardo in the negotiations for the renewal of the French international and trying one last effort to convince one of the keys to the project. As a source close to the club has been able to confirm to AS, a meeting with Mbappé is planned in the coming weeks, although the player's response continues to be to leave in August.

The signing of Messi by PSG brings Mbappé closer to the starting ramp. The arrival of the Argentine star in the French capital could be the key for the forward to leave the French capital. However, and as AS has been able to confirm, there is no offer to date for the player, not even from Real Madrid. PSG, for its part, is fully confident of convincing him, but the decision seems firm for months.The French "Fair-Play" will not be a problem, a priori

Although in other circumstances (and in another country taking into account financial legislation) the possibility of seeing Ramos, Messi, Mbappé and Neymar together is a utopia, in France, PSG is confident of having a star-studded dream team. The financial body in charge of the accounts of the French clubs, the DNCG, could review the Parisian squad with a magnifying glass, especially for Leonardo, who in June presented a line of income and expenses that ensured that PSG wanted to reach a figure close to the € 180 million in sales to offset losses of € 250 million in the current fiscal year, which began on July 1.

However, PSG is not obliged to sell for 180 million. The budget presented by Leonardo are estimates that are not binding in any way. The DNCG does not prevent you from having losses, what prevents you is having a deficit that suffocates the economy of a team without there being a guarantee of solvency in the short term. That is, if PSG in its accounts presents losses of 200 million, but the sheik guarantees solvency, the DNCG would even allow it to keep Mbappé, Messi and Neymar on the squad.

However, what is not compatible with the DNCG is that the financial commission allows free will to the teams every year so as not to balance their accounts. To date, PSG has sold only Bakker for 7 million to Bayer Leverkusen and Leonardo is forced to come close to the approximate figure he gave of income (which does not necessarily imply that it is 180 million). It should be remembered that, in March, Le Parisien confirmed that Mbappé could leave for 150 million in case PSG could not renew him, stating that the Parisians were beginning to be pessimistic about the situation.

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