Maverick tightens the rope

The one from Roses was again very critical of the team after their result in Austria: "I liked that the red flag went up so that reality could be seen."


Five years ago Maverick Viñales began to live a dream from which he has awakened transformed into a nightmare. A young man of only 21 years old, with past controversies, made the illusion of the boy who fantasized about one day proclaiming himself MotoGP world champion come true and after several courses trying without success despite two bronzes in the championship, the reality he is going through in Yamaha has been able to do much more than the ambition of a rider whose only priority is to "push". "I want to get my maximum potential, right now I am very far from that and in this team I am not capable," highlights the driver from Roses without any incentive after seeing the checkered flag in Spielberg in last position, while the other M1 officer fought until the end for the position of a podium where the tuning forks stood.

The contrast between the Maverick and Quartararo garage is evident, the difference in points between the two teammates is 77 after overcoming the halfway point of the season, and in case the journey of the Roses rider this season had not had difficult seas to sail, in Red Bull Ring encountered waters that made him swim against the current to finish throwing in the towel and go through the finish line more than a minute behind the winner. Something inconceivable for a driver who, supposedly, should be fighting for victories. But Viñales "liked that the red flag went up, so that the reality of the team could be seen."

Not even the announcement of their breakup has calmed the waters inside their garage, rather the opposite. Maverick is more critical than ever with Yamaha and although in Race 1 of the Styrian GP he signed “a normal start, as they should all be”, a clutch and tire change knocked him out of the game completely. Why? “The boys don't know why. It seems weird, but this is a more than usual explanation on his part. Every time I go from the first to the tenth there is no more explanation than they do not know and without any explanation, I cannot improve ”, says without any kind of cut a pilot who continues to maintain the character of that young promise for whom they bet from Iwata to make him champion.

However, now his route has taken a different course that can only be set back by the team according to Maverick: “When the bike is ready, I am ready. We'll see if Yamaha gives me a chance to push this week. I train very hard and work in many aspects, but if the bike works well in one race and not in the next, it is difficult for me ”. These words only demonstrate a reality that completely takes you away from the main foundation for success. In case something is missing, the one from Roses recognizes that there is no "confidence in the team" and is already thinking of 2022 where he will give everything to "push and demonstrate" his "true potential" .

Next season

What does the future hold? The possibilities in the premier class are limited, especially considering that at Yamaha all the doors have been closed and Valentino has other preferences in his new project together with Ducati. Aprilia is Maverick's only real option, but more than destiny, now the rider's priority is “racing and getting the most out of it”: “I want to push, that's my priority. My only priority is to push and give my best ”. And although now he has the opportunity to do it together with one of the greatest teams in MotoGP history, it seems that the one from Roses has assumed that his progression together with those from Iwata has come to an end.

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