Maverick: "I apologize to Yamaha"

After getting Yamaha off the bike for the Austrian GP, he broke his silence at 'Sky Italia': "The frustration was so great that I couldn't manage it."


Maverick Viñales has broken his silence at the Austrian GP on the microphone of Italian television. This has been said by the Spanish in Sky Italia after Yamaha announced on Thursday that he was getting off his M1 for mistreating the bike in last Sunday's race: 444 444

When asked how he feels, the one from Roses said: "Sad, very sad. It is a very strange situation and that is the clearest fact. It is difficult to be in this situation, but I feel lucky to have people who make me have a better time this situation. I am very sad about how the situation has gone and the frustration of so many races that have not been as I thought in my head and it is not a good situation for me in any way ".

The journalist Antonio Boselli gave him the images in which he is seen turning the Yamaha engine up. This is how Mack explains what happened: "It is a moment of great frustration. The first race was perfect and I had entered strongly, but then everything went wrong and it was an explosion of frustration that I did not know how to channel in the best way and that is why I have to make excuses for Yamaha, but the frustration was so great that I did not know how to manage it ".

When telling him that there are riders like Rossi who have commented that they didn't think it was that bad, he said: "I have had a lot of support from the people in the paddock and from other riders who I have seen are fantastic and great people who have understood the situation". More: "It is difficult, because in the end it is a very great ambition that I have for this sport and the frustration of knowing that you are not as strong as you can be ... I have never wanted to put myself at risk or put anyone at risk with this situation ".

The word frustration is the one that he repeated the most: "It is a frustration that comes from far back and is what makes me saddest, but the last few days have been very difficult for me to manage and I insist on apologizing to Yamaha, because I really don't I wanted to behave like this. "

Another of those who has shown his support with a message of solidarity is Scott Redding, to which he comments: "There are many messages I have received, but, as I said at the beginning, my only intention is to be able to enjoy all the potential that I am able to deploy ".

And when asked if he will get on the Yamaha again, he leaves it up in the air: "For now I don't know. Now I want to be calm and reflect, to return centered, calm and with everything in its place" .

When assessing Yamaha's decision, it is not revealed: "It was a Yamaha decision that I respect a lot. For now I am a Yamaha rider and I have to accept their decisions as they are, period."

Three quarters of an hour later, Maverick also spoke in Dazn and repeated his speech: "It is a difficult situation and I feel sad, very sad. Like everyone, in the end I have the soul of a warrior and I would like to be giving my best. Simply, the first The race was very good. I was very happy and happy with how everything had gone, but in the second race everything went wrong and it was a very difficult last laps for me. A very great frustration, above all, and an explosion of emotions. I want to ask I apologize to Yamaha, because in the end I rode the wrong way in the last laps and it was really because of that, a frustration and an explosion of emotions that were difficult to contain. Yamaha's decision I fully respect. I am still a Yamaha rider and I respect her. I feel sad, very sad, because I don't like things to go like this. I think that in the end we are good people on both sides. This sport is wonderful and we all want to be happy and happy. Did you change from one career to another? I don't know, it was a different way of competing. It is a long time frustration, which has cost me a lot. As I said, I would really, from my heart, apologize to Yamaha for these last few laps. "

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