Martín: "It looked like Mario Kart and that they were throwing us bananas"

Compare the feeling of this third with that of victory: "When I saw that I was third, I was even happier than last week."


Jorge Martín was almost happier with this third place obtained in the Austrian GP than with the victory achieved the previous Sunday. The reason was to have successfully survived a crazy race that he came to define as hot: "It looked like Mario Kart and that they were throwing us bananas on the track" .

-Count Your Career.

-If I had to count the entire race I would spend a month talking here, but hey ... We started with the tough striker, who had only tested here for one lap, so we took a chance. I felt confident but, when I wanted to be in front and try to escape, I went long and fell to fourth place. My front tire was getting very hot and I was having a hard time finding my rhythm. Later, when the first drops of rain began to fall, I took a lot of risks to try to be in the lead. I overtook Fabio and Pecco, but they were fighting a lot to keep the podium position. When I saw that I was already completely wet, I saw Pecco and Márquez enter the pit lane and I thought it was time to do it.

-What a change of bike made in the pits ...

-I did a stoppie (rear wheel lift), an inverted one, and I hope my mechanics are fine, because I think I threw the bike on one and it took a hit. When I came out of the pit lane, I was third in that group and it was difficult to stay on the bike with the rain tires, so I want to congratulate Brad because it is incredible what he has done, staying upright on the bike with the slicks dry. If it was difficult to do it even with the rain tires. When I came back from the pits I was eleventh and I thought I should have stuck with the slicks, but when I then saw all the drivers milling around at Turn 3 I thought it was time to give it my all. I got into the group and at turn 7 I overtook about six or seven riders in two corners. It was difficult to avoid them, but I ended up happy. When I saw that I was third, I was even happier than I was last week. Now I need a little time to assimilate what has happened in this week and a half, because two podiums and two poles is something incredible.

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