Martín has his feet on the ground: "I don't want to come upstairs"

The victory does not take him off the track: "Now we have another race here. You don't have that much time to enjoy it and maybe that's a good thing."


It is a pleasure to see the naturalness with which Jorge Martín has accommodated the glory of the victory obtained last Sunday at the Styrian GP, the first of those yet to come for him in MotoGP. Now everyone sees him as one of the favorites to win the Austrian GP, which takes place on the same stage as the previous one, the Red Bull Ring, and that of the Pramac Ducati has shown in the press conference with which he began the weekend that success has not gone to his head.

"After achieving the victory, it is difficult to believe, because you have been fighting all your life, training for it and trying to achieve it. It is difficult to believe when you achieve it," he began by saying in a press conference he attended with pants rendered. He Mir, Márque and Binder were short and thus they did not let them pass, but they lent them some. Returning to his statements, how accurate this he said: "The good thing is that now we have another career here and we have to stay focused. You don't have that much time to enjoy it and maybe that's positive, because I don't want to come up. He sent messages to congratulate me, so very happy and very focused for this weekend. "When asked if in the previous race he would have felt more pressure with other rivals behind him, such as Márquez or Zarco, he assured this: "I don't know, I hope I can find out this weekend. With Joan I have fought many times in the past. If you think you have the world champion behind you or someone who could be more than you, you are going to make mistakes. I hope to beat other drivers like Márquez. Zarco or other drivers in the future, and I will try to learn, without a doubt. "

And to the question of one of the three Red Bull Rookies Cup riders who were invited to the press conference, about their goals and challenges for the future, he replied: "Last weekend I achieved one of the main objectives, but one One of my challenges is to win the MotoGP World Championship. I'm going to do my best and I hope I can win it in the future. " Word by Martinator

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