Márquez: "What Rossi has done these 25 years is legendary"

The eight-time champion leaves behind his differences with the winner of nine titles and honors him with loving words on the day he announces his goodbye.


Marc Márquez appeared before journalists before Valentino Rossi announced his retirement at the end of this season. Even so, afterwards, he was pleased to leave this message about The Doctor: "The sports career of a pilot has to be looked at from the beginning and not by the results of the last year. Everything that Rossi has done these more than 25 years is legendary , few drivers have achieved everything he has achieved both on and off the track. " His previous press conference was based on him and Pedrosa's return.

-How are you facing the second half of the year and how are you?

-Mentally I would have liked to face it differently, with more ambition, being 100% and without thinking about it, that was my hope. It is clear that I am not 100%, but I am better than in the Netherlands and that is good. My goal for the second half of the season is to be more consistent. I do not want to say to be constant on the podium, but I do mean in the positions in front. Try to find stability and when you find it, go ahead. Continue to improve the bike and myself. I would like to be close to the front positions, and that means in the top five and fighting for podiums. We will see later, but that is the intention.

-What do you think of Pedrosa's return for this GP?

-It is very good for the championship that a wild card is of the caliber of Dani Pedrosa as a KTM test rider. I think it will do well, that it comes rolled. He has done tests in Aragon, here the KTM is doing well ... I think it will surprise more than one. Nor can you tell him to come and win, which maybe he will. But enjoy yourself, you have already had pressure for many years and I think you have to enjoy a career like that.

-Has Honda brought you new things?

-Honda engineers have not had a vacation and have been working a lot. The important thing is that they are reacting, which is what a pilot appreciates the most. Later we will see if it goes better or worse, but there is a reaction and things to try. We will start with what we had and then there are electronic things to test, in Holland there was already a chassis ... We are moving forward. Maybe to face a weekend and be able to win we cannot face it by trying many things, but now we have nothing to lose and nothing to gain either. We are going to face the weekend thinking more about the future and trying things, which for them is urgent and necessary, and also for us, instead of looking for the detail and the ideal set-up for Sunday. You cannot work on both aspects in one weekend. We will try to test things and focus on what we can on Sunday's result, but it will not be the best plan to find an ideal result.

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