Márquez: "I need rest, to be with my eye closed"

"Sand got into my eye and that caused a small wound that bothered me during FP2. I went to the hospital to get cleaned and it's not serious," he says.

The hard stick that Marc Márquez gave himself in the FP1 of the British GP, at 267 per hour, led him in the afternoon to cancel his commitments with journalists, to rest, but he was kind enough to send a reassuring message through the department Repsol Honda communication center. The accident ended with no injuries to regret, but grit got into one eye that bothered him for the rest of the day.This is what the eight-time champion said: "Today I felt quite good from the start. I already said yesterday that I felt this week with energy, that I felt good. My shoulder did not bother me much and I have been able to go out and ride as I like, as I wanted, although the crash at the end of FP1 was a shame, which disrupted the plans for FP2 a bit. In that crash, sand got into my eye and that caused a small wound that bothered me during FP2, because My eye was crying. Although it was no problem, when I finished FP2, since it has dried more and the wound has gotten a little worse, I have gone to the hospital to have it cleaned and in theory it does not have to be anything. serious. I have been told that tomorrow will be fine, but I need rest, to be with my eye closed ".

And a final summary: "You can say that I am happy with how the first day went (fifth at 0.7 from the head), that I felt good on the bike and it seems that here it works well and we have a good level, like this Let's see if we can keep it from here until the end of the weekend. "

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