Marquez leads the revolution

Honda prepares a "radical" change for 2022 that will especially affect the engine, after listening to its champion: "We need him to win."


What would Honda be without Marc Márquez? If we listen to the numbers, by pure statistics, the Japanese brand would not know what it is to win since 2017 (when Pedrosa achieved his last victory with the team at the Valencia GP), but there is still more: HRC would not have fought for the World Cup since 2013 in which Dani, took the bronze. The rest of the milestones that the Golden Wing brand has achieved in the championship have come from the hand of a pilot who, if he had not demonstrated enough with the data, only needed his absence for a season to capture what he means for the team. With the ilerdense out of the picture, the RC213V did not visit the highest step of the podium in 2020 where his best position was the two seconds of his brother Álex and again, thanks to the eighth champion, he put an end to the worst at Sachsenring HRC's no-win streak (21) in the championship.

Reality says that Honda is experiencing a difficult year again. Traction control on the Japanese mount is being one of the biggest burdens for its riders this season and since not even the talent of a Márquez who is not yet 100% physically is enough to be competitive on a regular basis, the plan has established another roadmap that also has the champion as a starting point. The figure of Marc has so much weight within the brand that from Japan, they have begun to work based on the comments of the ilerdense. HRC prepares a "radical" change for 2022 that will especially affect the engine, but they will not risk everything to a card.

"We have two years of development", began by acknowledging in Corsedimoto after the race in Red Bull Ring Takeo Yokoyama, technical director of HRC, on the evolution of his engine. "As the current one was frozen, we had limitations due to the pandemic, but what we can show with the 2022 engine is that we have carried out a radical change compared to previous years. We do not want to reduce power or maximum speed, but to improve braking, entering the corner, in the middle of the curve, acceleration and traction. The objective is to win a little in everything, "the Japanese continues, about a process in which not even Márquez's injury has diminished confidence. of the team towards his star: "He is the champion, the number one driver, we need him to win races" .


Facts accompany the words that come from Honda to Márquez. At Assen, the RC213V mounted a new chassis that only the locals have, which makes their priorities clear: "We were only able to make one unit and we decided that Marc would give it a try." It is forbidden to make mistakes, which is why they place all their trust in the rider who has taken them to the top even competing at a disadvantage that, in addition to the engine, is currently also given by the performance of the rear tire.

At the time of making this compound work, Marc's 'feedback' continues to be "very important", Yokoyama argues, to confirm that they will continue to work based on the opinions of the Cervera rider: "He has given us many new ideas that should arrive in the second half of the season, we will continue to work like this. " From HRC they want to continue being part of history and now, together with the eighth champion, they know the way forward: "We are Honda, our goal will always be to be on top, where we were in the past and we will work for it."

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