Márquez: "I have gone out to run infiltrated in the arm"

"It hurt a lot in the warm up and I still don't know exactly where I'm at. It goes by days and by moments and, above all, by circuits," he says.


Marc Márquez took his fall in the Austrian GP with philosophy. He gave more importance to the good than the bad, and there was a lot of good in his career.

-Where are you and where is the bike?

-Well, where am I, I don't know how to answer this question. I still don't understand, neither I nor the physio, how I feel. Yesterday I was fine, perfect, and today in the race I was infiltrated because it hurt a lot in the warm up and I still don't know exactly where I am. It goes by days and by moments and, above all, by circuits, but today I have infiltrated Enantyum and I have done quite well for the race. I did not feel much pain, I felt fatigue but no pain. The bike still has it left and we do have to keep working because yes, today I managed to be there, but not in the way I want. The way I want is to manage the race myself, not to have it managed and we are not ready for it yet. In the end we have tried a lot of things these two weekends and it is true that in the last race I raced with a different bike than today. In this I asked them to let me put the one I liked, even if it was a step backwards, but we tried to look for things and today we have made a commitment to what is new and what we have already been using this season, and I think we have taken a little step but not enough .

-Do you have the feeling that if it hadn't rained it would have been possible to win?

-Yes. It is true that you never know, but I was strong, with very good feelings and in the last laps surely Pecco had something else. For a moment, before it rained, I was like in a kind of 'Deja vú' behind Pecco and I saw the name of Dovizioso from 2019. I don't know how it would have ended, the same would have finished second or third, but the podium already it was a great result. Yes, I have a very good feeling, especially from yesterday's qualifying, in which we were able to be second row, fifth. It does not change from one day to the next. We will not go from being bad to winning races. This is a process, but the process is getting closer and closer and I am saying it, that each time the sensations are better and that is the most important thing for me, for the team. Today's result is just one point and it would be ideal to be rewarded with a better result, but the whole race ahead on the dry gives much more encouragement than not a good result if it had been the other way around. We are on the line.

-Could it be that the arm problems you still have to solve make you more cautious than usual?

-I don't know. I can't say yes or no. It goes a lot for sensations, but it is clear that when you come with very good results, confidence is different. It's like when a soccer striker, that when he suddenly scores a goal and all the goals come in. This is happening to us a bit, that we still need to finish finishing, we are getting closer and closer, but on these occasions when the strategies usually worked out well, we have gone well but I fell. I made a mistake myself, because it was my mistake, but the important thing is persistence, keep pushing, keep working and each time try to be closer. It also changes a lot if you are playing a championship or not. In racing, you allow yourself the luxury of taking more or less risks, but for the moment today I think that the strategy we have made was the good one, the safest, but I didn't know how to finish it off. It was perfect for Pecco, he finished second and I think it was a very good result for him.

-What does it say about Binder?

-He has been left with slicks and the truth is that he has been very brave to do it, especially because of what he has risked, and it has turned out well. In Aragon I tried to do it in 2014 and I fell in the absence of a lap and a half, but Binder today has gone well and we must congratulate him because he has a lot of merit.

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