Marko: "We have two broken engines because of Mercedes"

The Red Bull adviser claims losses of three million euros. Ask that reckless accidents not count against the budget ceiling.


Helmut Marko has been very pissed off with Mercedes. The Austrian adviser condemns that Mercedes is the main cause of Red Bull's financial losses at Silverstone and the Hungaroring. The cost goes up to three million euros, which is why he asks that the sanctions to the pilots who create the accident be harsher or some type of wild card can be used.

The people of Milton Keynes are tired of so much injustice. First was Hamilton's accident with Verstappen, which left the Dutchman's car absolutely wrecked. At the Hungaroring, Bottas's 'bowling game' took the two Red Bulls ahead and knocked 'Checo' Pérez out of the race with the engine beyond repair.

Marko calls for pilots who cause accidents with great economic damage to be punished more harshly. "We have to ask ourselves if the penalty system is justified after two errors by Mercedes. Perhaps there should be different standards," Marko replied in the German magazine 'Motorsport Magazin'.

"We have two broken engines because of Mercedes and that is a severe financial blow. We have three million euros in damages and that is an amount that we cannot find easily," continued a Helmut Marko, angered by the cost of the engines. repairs to both cars after Silverstone and Hungaroring.

Finally, he wanted to emphasize how to act in accidents that cost serious damage. Ask that repairs not be added to the annual budget. "Those things can be a decisive factor in the fight for the title. So we need to look at it differently and decide if the drivers who caused the accidents have been reckless and if there is something to fix. For example, that these damages do not count. on the budget ceiling or that we can use some kind of wild card, "concluded Marko.

Horner promises post-break fight

France and Austria elevated Verstappen to the top of the standings, the Dutchman opening a 32-point gap over Lewis Hamilton. The streak was cut short at Silverstone and Hungary, where after several accidents, the team lost points and 'MadMax' cost them the lead. Christian Horner, head of Red Bull, has marked Belgium in red, as a starting point to continue in the fight for both World Cups.

"We have won six races in the first half of the year. The races we haven't added in, if you look at Azerbaijan, it wasn't Max's fault, Silverstone wasn't Max's fault, here (Hungaroring) it wasn't Max's fault. So , our luck will change, "said Horner on the web portal ''.

The Briton believes that they need "a well-deserved rest" and that "they will go out to fight" in this second half of the championship. The break will coexist with the frustration of the engine of 'Checo' Pérez, who after his accident with Bottas, will surely have to be changed at Spa. The possible engine change would mean that both Verstappen and Pérez would already have the third and last engine unit in use, and in the case of using a fourth it would cost them positions on the starting grid.

"We have a lot of accident damage and probably two engines that we have lost due to the actions of other drivers, so yeah it is very frustrating. We have had a lot of bad luck in the last two races but we will shake it off and come out fighting in the second half of this championship, "concluded Christian Horner.

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