"The Marc from before could fight for the World Championship with this bike"

The man from Lleida, who left the Red Bull Ring feeling very good, opened up about his physical limitations this year.


"I don't know where I am. I still don't understand, neither I nor the physio, how I am." In this way, Márquez summarized his physical evolution nine races after his reappearance on the circuits. The ilerdense, who was separated from the competition for a whole season due to the injury he suffered in Jerez 2020, returned to the World Championship with the usual ones but with a too relevant nuance: the RC213V presented many difficulties in its driving. A couple of years ago, that detail could have gone unnoticed with the performances of a rider who managed to make a mount shine that (with the exception of 2014) was never superior to the majority of structures that competed on the grid. However, an evolution that is taking longer than estimated on its right shoulder, now it cannot deal with the deficiencies of a motorcycle in which there are still details to be polished, especially in terms of traction.

Honda has put to work to solve all its weaknesses. The Japanese brand is working on a revolution for 2022 orchestrated by its champion in which they hope to regain their dominance in the premier category, but Márquez himself acknowledges that this transition year would not have been necessary if his physique were 100%: " The Marc from before the injury could be a contender for the title with this bike. Surely you couldn't win as many as in 2019 (they achieved 12 victories), but you could fight for the World Cup and be in the top three very often. " The from ilerdense is sincere as shown by Motorsport, about a reality that makes those good results continue to be yearned for this season. Although he has tried to make the most of his options, the baggage of the season leaves the eighth champion with a single visit to the podium, which was the return to victory of a pilot who dragged 581 days of drought.

Then Marc found the sensations that made him frequent the most ambitious positions, which allows him to justify his beliefs about what his reality would be together with his best version: "In all the routes that I have not noticed the physical limitation, I have gone a lot Better. But I can't always supply it myself, the bike should help me and now it doesn't. Neither for me nor for the rest of the Honda riders. "

The memorable performances of a rider who swept his arrival to the top category for now are left behind: "Now my physique allows me to ride a motorcycle, not do magic." And while he recovers that potential, he maintains the optimism provided by numbers that place him eleventh despite his absence in the first two rounds of the year and they continue to demonstrate their superiority even with a certain disadvantage: "If I were far from the rest of the brand's riders , I would think that something is not right. But I am ahead despite having lost two races ".

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