Madrid stumbles in Brazil

He paid € 4M for the Brazilian promises Augusto Galván and Rodrigo Rodrigues but now he doesn't know what to do with them. They chain assignments and in the subsidiary they have no gap ...


Real Madrid chose five years ago that the Brazilian market was going to be its great fishing ground for young signings but it has not always turned out well. Vinicius and Rodrygo have settled into the Whites' first squad while Reinier is struggling in his adaptation to European football during his assignment at Borussia Dortmund. But they were not the only ones. The white entity signed in 2017 and 2018 two Brazilian promises with which now it does not know what to do ... For the midfielder Augusto Galván (22 years old) he paid three million euros and this season he will chain his third loan away from Valdebebas. The same solution, placing him in another destination through a loan, which he had to take with forward Rodrigo Rodrigues (21) for whom he paid € 1M at the time. Madrid bet and the bet has not gone well.

Marcelo, Casemiro, Vini, Rodrygo, Militao ... the white wardrobe is brazuca and that is the orientation that Madrid likes. Because the man who decides the transfers grew up in Brazil, Juni Calafat and his network in the South American market have been extended for years. By Vinicius, Rodrygo and Reinier he convinced the club to spend € 115M on those three jewels that hadn't even come of age yet, but Calafat also completed two lower-profile signings.

Augusto's was, yes, very risky. A recognized talent, but with a complex situation with Sao Paulo and who had also not played for more than a year. Madrid paid € 3M to bring it to him but in Valdebebas he never stood out. Madrid first found him a place in the Cultural Leonesa, where he suffered a spectacular shoulder injury, and last season at a friendly club, Las Rozas. Now he has allowed me to return to Brazil with the intention of recovering the flight. Santos have given him a chance and last Monday he confirmed that he will play there until June 2022. Three transfers in three years.

Rodrigo had a better projection at La Fábrica blanca, where he arrived from Novorizontino after being discovered by Madrid in a Junior Club World Cup. Such was the confidence of Madrid that he signed six seasons. Despite that, his football was not differential and a serious knee injury placed him behind players with a better future, in the eyes of the club, such as Marvin, Peter Federico, Hugo Vallejo ... As a white youth he scored a Ronaldiano goal against Barça at the MiniEstadi but it was something fleeting. The season at Talavera, in Segunda B and as a rival by the way of Castilla de Raúl, he started but stayed on three goals. Even so, the ceramic club was satisfied with him and since Madrid was not interested in his return, they have agreed to another loan season there. He has a contract as a madridista until 2023 with a generous salary.

In search of a great bell

At the club, situations like Augusto and Rodrigo are not overly concerned. It is understood at the highest levels that if you want to sign promising young people, you have to assume that sometimes the coin can fall flat because the revenue, when it is correct, compensates for everything else. The entity calculates that out of every four signings of players under the age of 20, only one will succeed. It happened five years ago when Madrid spent almost in parallel 5 million euros for Fede Valverde and another 5M € for Sergio Díaz, the Paraguayan Kun who has accumulated four assignments since then (Lugo, Corinthians, Cerro and América de México) aimlessly. Madrid does not leave Brazil.

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