Madrid sees Mbappé possible

He believes that the signing of Messi by PSG is the lever to be able to bring the Frenchman this summer. Once the Argentine is signed, he waits for a gesture from Paris to negotiate.


EI Real Madrid sees Kylian Mbappé closer than ever. The white entity has gone from resigning itself to the fact that the French star was almost impossible this summer to seeing how Messi, who would have thought it, becomes the lever to activate that intricate operation.

In Madrid a window has been detected through which to remove Mbappé from Paris without waiting for the crack to fulfill his plan to terminate his contract in 2022, something that would always entail a risk with PSG pressing the player by land, sea and air to that I renew. Messi, with one foot in the Parc des Princes, has changed everything.Madrid, despite the important news with Messi and the derivative it entails with respect to Mbappé's situation, has not made a direct approach to PSG. Florentino Pérez's position has always been to be tactful so as not to provoke the anger of the Qatari property of the Parisian club, but now the board is different. PSG cannot structure a team with Messi, Neymar and Mbappé together and Mbappé's repeated refusal to renew only points the solution towards one point: its sale.

In Madrid, we are waiting to see Messi first signing his contract with PSG. From there and not before, a gesture from Al Khelaifi or Leonardo will be expected to establish the bases of the negotiation for Mbappé. Madrid has always been, in the Mbappé affair, at the expense of external movements because there has never been the option of signing him based on a checkbook. The Madrid part has been done for a long time, which is having the crack on their side and putting off the renewal; also that of having an economic space to house a new galactic (Mbappé or Haaland). He just needs PSG to give in.

The Madrid entity is not overly affected by the possible advantages of the appearance of the controversial LaLiga-CVC agreement because it rowed to avoid jeopardizing its salary limit with the agreed reduction of 10 percent to the entire staff and the containment of spending. Alaba, without going any further, has arrived for a salary similar to that charged by Ramos. It also has its own mechanism to finance the mega-transfer: it has access to favorable credits and in the latest accounts of the entity, presented last month, Real Madrid announced that it has 120 million euros in treasury. Part of that money, together with that obtained by footballers with a market to be transferred and who are not considered untouchable (Odegaard and Jovic, essentially), would go to satisfy PSG and get Mbappé dressed in white.

The double game of PSG

While the illusion grows in Concha Espina, PSG leaves no opportunity to maintain the pressure to which it has been subjecting both Mbappé and those around him. Yesterday, in full hangover from the bombing of Messi's goodbye and although the information about the first movements of the French club to tie Leo was flourishing, L'Equipe published that the great priority of Al Khelaifi continued to be to extend the contract of the French international. Message for sailors: as long as he does not have Messi's signature, Mbappé is one hundred percent untouchable ...

In fact, Pochettino has the green light to dispose of Kylian as he sees fit. Yesterday the Argentine confirmed that "there is a high percentage of chances" that the Parisian 7 will start today in the premiere against Troyes (9:00 p.m.) in this Ligue1 2021-22 that PSG has taken as a matter of pride . After suffering the sorpasso of Lille in the last championship and in the recent French Super Cup, the order is to spare no artillery and less with Neymar just arrived on vacation and out of the call.Patience

One thousand three hundred kilometers to the south, Real Madrid is patient and keeps an eye on what happens over the weekend with Messi. The announcement of his signing would be the starting gun in parallel by Mbappé with the respite that allows the comfortable deadline until the close of the market, on August 31. Enough time to complete the operation once PSG assumes that it cannot do magic with the numbers (to comply with the Financial Fair Play it still needs to sell players for at least € 180M ... and that before Messi appears) and that 'release 'to Mbappé selling it becomes something inevitable. Leo to Paris and Kylian to Madrid, getting closer and closer.

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