Madrid reigns in tension

Florentino has had to sit down to negotiate with clubs from which it is difficult to take a player from them, but generally he has succeeded.


Florentino Pérez knew from the beginning that it was not going to be easy to get Mbappé out of Paris Saint-Germain. In fact, the club has shown that it had a perfect plan to do it, but not even with those: there was some skepticism that it would work. For the moment, the situation is clearly favorable for the whites, with a PSG that seems to have softened once Madrid have gotten serious. And the fact is that the president has shown that, when he has to face tough negotiators, he tends to be victorious.

"The club's position is clear; we will not change or repeat it," Al-Khelaïfi said after the draw for the Champions group stage in Istanbul. A message that left the Madrid fans cold. However, hours later and thanks to the offer of 180 million that has reached the offices of the Parque de los Principes. It was the final step for the negotiations to begin, which will not be prolonged since Madrid is willing to do anything to sign him and PSG has understood that they cannot retain their star.

It is a situation similar to the one that Florentino experienced with the signing of Bale in 2013. Days before it became official, Daniel Levy, president of Tottenham, assured the press that there were no options for Gareth to leave the club. He pronounced the now mythical "never, never, never" (never, never, never) when asked about the left-hander's march. However, the white club pushed its options to the end and achieved the goal. I beat one of the toughest negotiators in the market to end up signing Bale for 100 million euros. A year earlier he had already succeeded with Modric, although the Croat had to rebel to convince Levy.

Years before, Florentino had already had to fight with Juventus, Inter and Manchester United for the signing of Zidane, Ronaldo and Beckham. In all these cases, as well as that of Bale, Modric or Mbappé, the desire of all of them to wear white was key. The most remembered of all was the transfer of Ronaldo in 2002. After a summer of flirting, the top white leader accelerated to close the Brazilian 45 minutes before the close of the transfer market.

Recently, one of the clubs with which he has had the most to be seen in the offices has been with Chelsea, personified in Marina Gorovskaia. The managing director of the London team is one of the most respected executives in European football for her negotiating skills. However, he has also had to give in to Madrid. First with Courtois and later with Hazard. They wanted to keep both of them, but they finished their contract a year later and the Madrid board of directors drew up a perfect strategy to get them out of the blue team.

They are key hours to know the future of Mbappé. They happen at the end of the transfer market, when Concha Espina's club performs better. Everything seems on track for Kylian to be the new idol of the Santiago Bernabéu and, then, Florentino will have won again.

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