Luka Doncic wants to fulfill his prediction: MVP this campaign

Before coming to the NBA, the Slovenian player aspired to be the MVP in the competition in his fourth season. In betting he is a favorite.


After months of great uncertainty, the Mavericks are smiling again. The trip to Slovenia paid off. No other result was expected, but nothing was to be left to chance. Luka Doncic, in exchange for $ 207 million, could continue in Texas for five more seasons. The objective is accomplished, but there is a lot of work ahead. With the former Real Madrid, the franchise wants to aspire to everything. When they look at Doncic they see Dirk Nowitzki and the 2011 ring. They see the right player to pick up the baton to the team's most fruitful era. It will not be easy, but the bet is firm and, for now, hopeful. In his first three seasons, Doncic has already been a two-time All Star and, in the course of his debut, was Rookie of the Year. Its impact was immediate. From 24 wins and 58 losses in the regular season, he went to a record of 33-49 and, immediately, Dallas began to settle in the playoffs. There it has been the last two seasons after another three of emptiness. Unexpected? Foreseeable? For Luka, the second.

The Slovenian player predicted it all before landing in the best league in the world. In a video for Bleacher Report, Doncic drew the script for his career in American competition and, so far, has met all the objectives. At least on the sporting level. For her first year, she made it her goal to be ROY. Compliment. For the second, being an All Star, having been an All NBA and playing the playoffs. Compliment. For the third there was a break and for the fourth, the one that will start the next season, his prognosis was, neither more nor less, to be MVP. He's in it. At least that is what the first predictions in this regard indicate. BR, itself, places the Slovenian as the main candidate ahead (in this order) of Nikola Jokic, Joel Embiid, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Trae Young. The same happens when the Odds Shark, Draftkings Nation, The Game Day or Sports Illustrated bets are reviewed, albeit with different pursuers.

This is not a novelty. In his second season in the league, Doncic already placed fourth in the voting for MVP of the tournament. Ahead, James Harden, LeBron James and Giannis Antetokounmpo, who repeated the award. Last season, likewise, he dropped two positions, remaining in sixth place. I started, as for the next campaign, with the favorite poster; but the poor stretches of the Mavericks, who came to sign a streak of only two victories in eleven games, penalized him. Now, both the franchise and Luka himself intend for it to be a different year. Since the loss to the Los Angeles Clippers in the first round of the finals, the slogan has been clear: build a winning project around the Slovenian, because he is already there to win. To be MVP. Interesting pieces have arrived for this and, under the new baton of Jason Kidd, they will seek to take another step among the serious candidates for the ring.

Yes, in his predictions, Doncic has the glory reserved for his fifth season. One that, with the new contract, the Mavericks have secured. Had he not signed, in that course, Doncic would have become a restricted free agent, with all that that entails. Now, he could be tied with the Mavs until age 27, if there is no further extension. The championship, however, is not the only thing he mentioned for this time. In its forecasts, the base also included other objectives that go beyond mere results. For his debut course, curiously, he anticipated a dunk on Kristaps Porzingis, then a player for the New York Knicks and now a teammate in Dallas. Starting business in Ljubljana, launching his own brand of sneakers, appearing in a Drake video clip ... All were, at the time, goals that, more or less seriously, Luka set for himself. In the strictly basketball field, all have been fulfilled. One after another. In his hand it remains to continue the streak. The bets are on your side.

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