Little prize for Sanse, a lot for Fuenlabrada

Draw with a different flavor at the Reale Arena, with a completely dominating realistic subsidiary, but this time without a goal.


Real Sociedad B and Fuenlabrada drew goalless at the Reale Arena. Because seen the game it seems that the point is too little a prize for Sanse, who by game, proposal and occasions deserved to take the victory. And on the other hand, for Fuenlabrada the prize with which he returns home is excessive, because he did not get to shoot even once on Ayesa's goal, he barely had the ball, he always ran chasing shadows and was forced to play retracted without to be able to step, not just the area, but the Sanse field itself. But in this football, the goal is king, and without a goal there is no prize, so Xabi Alonso's team will have to adjust the sight to make effective everything he does well and that overwhelming dominance that he manages to exercise his rivals to get victories. Although the reality is that for a subsidiary that has just arrived in professional football the path is marked, and playing like this the victories will come without problem. And if you add that his defensive work is outstanding, then you finish the job. Real B is the only second team that in three days still does not know what it is to receive a goal. And Fuenlabrada, a clean slate, which becomes much easier when you leave with an important point in your bag.

In the first 45 minutes, it was Sanse who put the football and the chances. And Fuenlabrada needed half an hour to wake up and appear in the vicinity of Gaizka Ayesa's goal, who made his debut this season after having been called up with the first team in the first days. He was not the only player from the realistic branch who was on loan with the Primera team on Saturday and who was a starter with Xabi Alonso this Sunday. This is the case of Karrikaburu and Turrientes, which proved to be one point above the rest. Both stood out from the rather doughy and mediocre tone of the match. Elizondo's 'panzer' was the one who put more spice in the opening bars, with his continuous search for the goal, but without the fortune of the first day, because the two shot options he had were very little. He found his best partner in Näis Djouahra, because he found a highway on his right side that he knew how to take advantage of to embitter Gozzi. The realistic subsidiary overwhelmed Fuenlabrada in a first part in which they could practically not go from the center of the field. But it was necessary to put the finishing touch to that domain. Oltra's team was crying out for rest to come. And the best news was that the initial tie hadn't budged.

After the break, Oltra adjusted his team, pulled the pressure line a little higher, to try to react and put a Sanse in more difficulties who in the first half played at ease. But Xabi Alonso reacted and began to play longer, breaking Fuenlabrada's intermediate pressure lines and forcing him again to lower his pressure and play more withdrawn in his field. Because the realistic subsidiary continued to monopolize the ball, and was the only one who wanted to propose something, overwhelming his rival and even unnerving him, that he felt that the only way he had to stop him was with fouls, either because his players were late or because he was Displaced by such overwhelming dominance. Although it is also true that he lacked clear scoring chances. But football and the weight of the game was from San Sebastian, the arrivals inside and outside as well, and the intention of looking for the goal, despite the lack of clarity in the final meters. Karrikaburu lacked the opportunism of the day of its premiere, but he was always incisive looking for his goal, the centers of Cristo Romero and Djouahra did not find a finisher, and inside Turrientes, Roberto López and Pokorny canceled a field center and a defense of the Fuenlabrada that, yes, they had to be very supportive to be able to sustain the barrage of football from San Sebastian.

Surely, Fuenlabrada did not want to make that game, without prominence with the ball, but it is that he found a Sanse that overwhelmed him to the point that he did not shoot a single time between the three sticks.

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